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What Does It Mean To Be Yourself?

Now that it’s December and just that step closer to the new year, here’s a little thing to ponder over. Regardless that the video is an anime OP (and a freaking fantastic one I might add; who doesn’t love Barakamon???), I think it hits home with a lot of people. I, for one, get really mesmerized whenever I hear it/watch it…


What do you look for in anime/manga? (Discussion topic #2)

For my followers who watch/read anime/manga, share your thoughts as well!

For me, the art style is a major hurdle that must be crossed in order for me to actually watch or read something. It’s an annoying habit of mine, but if in the first few seconds of glancing at the cover of a manga or something similar and the art doesn’t appeal to me in any way, I will not read/watch it. After the art, comes the plot. And the kind of things I read completely rely on the mood I’m in…


Hi I’m Simon and today I have another Topic or whatever you want to call it to think about. Maybe it will help you to waste a few minutes of boredom away or to see your interests in a new light and find the next thing to read or watch.

Anyway, today’s discussion topic is to ask yourself, or others, what do you look for in an anime or manga? More precise, maybe, what makes you decide to read or watch something? To an extent, that includes the question of what makes an anime worth watching or what does it take for you to feel satisfied after finishing a manga? On the other hand you can twist the question and ask yourself, what keeps you away form something? Is there anything, that, upon discovery, makes you go “Ewww, how did I even consider watching this?” Anyway, enough with the questions…

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I found the following things on Facaebook concerning the incidents in Ferguson as well.

I was going to write a lengthier post about it, however the following status thing explains my whole feelings towards the issue in a more concise manner.

It’s short, simple, and to the point.



Following this, I have a video to share concerning what police officers have to face all the time and the countless sacrifices they have had to make.

I believe police officers are to be respected for all that they go through and while there happen to be some bad ones out there from time to time, that doesn’t disregard the rest of the police force who a lot of times give up their lives so that others can live and be safe.


Watch “Timber / Counting Stars MASHUP (Ke$ha/OneRepublic) – Sam Tsui” on YouTube

Okay, mind bomb! Never would have thought the two would go together

Watch “Let It Go/Let Her Go (Frozen/Passenger MASHUP) – Sam Tsui” on YouTube

Sooooooooooo I’m on a Youtube rampage (a very emotional one). This is how I let everything go… (haha, right???)

Watch “His Daughter ~ Molly Kate Kestner (Original)” on YouTube

Please watch guys.

BTW. Graduation = Best + Worst Night ever. LOL 😀

(Hence, this song)

Stabby, Stabby, Stabby

So this was first shared to me by a friend who upon being asked what Game of Thrones was all about, laughed and pulled out his phone.

After all that, I was kind of being convinced to start watching the show, but then I realized (after reading reviews everywhere and hearing my friends and teachers talk about it) that there is a whole lot of character death going on the show.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with character death, but when it’s happening “about every 3-4 episodes” (according to a friend), I become very wary. If I know I’m going to go on the feels train a million times, why get near the station at all? Right? Why willingly do that to yourself?

When I hear character death, the first thing that pops into my mind is Father Fujimoto in Blue Exorcist. And I totally back away.


Because in ONE episode, I was MADE to LOVE a character. In fact, from everyone I’ve showed the show to or who’ve seen it, they all agree that it doesn’t take more than ten minutes to love this character. The way Shiro is presented, it instantly makes you connect with him. And then…And then…And then….

The bastards killed him off in the second episode. What the fuck.

I felt that one so hard, I had to take a break. Everyone I’ve talked to agree that it was such steamroller move. A semi just ran over your heart. Father Fujimoto was ripped away from everyone. And boy did it make me depressed for DAYS.

So. Now whenever I hear character death (HEAVY character death), I question whether I should watch it or not.

But, anyways, I’d just like to show everyone a video where Peter Dinklage sums up Game Of Thrones in 45 seconds. And for those who do watch Game Of Thrones, is he right?