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Titania and Akatsuki no Yona

Listen to me, guys. I said, listen to me!

To actually read about crap involving the Titania scanlation group and the manga, Akatsuki no Yona, click here


And The Train Goes Tweet

First, I’d like to state the obvious: the title does not make sense whatsoever and is completely irrelevant. (Or it could be one giant metaphor that only the select few geniuses can understand. Take your pick)

Second, I’d like to note that this is all being tapped from my phone so all mistakes are being blamed on the touchscreen keyboard.

Third, I just want to say that I like you all. I would say love but that’s big stuff and I tread carefully with that. (JK I lurvvvv all of you. And if you love me back, make a post, tag me in it, and say that you love me. Whoever does it first gets a prize I’ll later come up with).

Fourth, I am definitely going to make a post about my graduation list and the actual event. Just not now since I’d like a clear head when I do so.

Fifth, as it is officially summer, all writing is being resumed. Beginning with finishing 108 Things Wrong With The Universe then the fanfics. As for the regular fics I was doing, I’m going to edit all the chapters I have and then proceed writing. (I have bought an awesome new flash drive. I have also decided to save some stuff on googledocs or something like that.)

Sixth, I’ve been cleaning out my laptop and came across very inferesting files…needless to say, I deleted them and now have basically a new laptop since everything that was useless is now gone and everything else is on flashdrives.

Seventh, I’ve been making friends with people on FB that are going to the same college I am and we are already planning a gaming club in which we will raise money for charities through competitions and such. I can’t wait for that to begin. (BTW, I’m going to George Mason.)

Eighth, I find it fun that I’ve got messages and stuff that continuously switch between referring to me as a guy or a girl. I am actually really happy about that. I’d rather be that thing that blogs rather than that girl or that guy that blogs. So, I am proposing from now on, refer to me however you feel like. Need to talk to a dude, I am a dude. Need a girl, I am a girl.

Ninth, there was a post from Blaze talking about hurting people and paper metaphors so that got me thinking (for some reason, lately her posts have been inspiring :D), and so I’d like to share my thoughts on the subject – however jumbled they are.

Well, actually I’m going to show a picture and then talk about said picture.


Yes, it the passage is a bit disturbing

On third thought, I don’t think that I’m going to say much on this picture. Let everyone interpret that how they may.

But what I will say or rather what I will admit, is that I find some joy in my little monster fantasies. Sure I’ll never act them out, but sometimes I just wish…

Here’s an awesome video of one of my favorite auditions on BGT from last year. Currently, I’m catching up on this year’s so no one tell me who won.

(This should lighten the mood)


Over the years, I’ve come across many people who share a dislike/hatred of ‘stupid/ignorant’ people. For these people, I ask two questions.

What makes someone stupid/ignorant?

Why do you dislike/hate them?

I’ve found that most have to think for several moments before they can even begin to respond to either question. And often, the answers given lack any actual substance. It’s puzzling. For being so vehement in their statements, the reasons and explanations for them are well, practically non-existant. I compare it to a sponge. The claim is that nice fluffy yellow part but…it’s full of holes.

And while this post started off about the supposed ‘retarded’ and ‘retarded’ haters of the world, this kind of thought and spoken claims towards people are reflected across several subjects/topics/etc. People, including myself, are just natural born haters that rarely have actual reasons to hate.

After concluding that, I find myself becoming more amused whenever I hear “I hate ….. people….” or something of the sort. And when I catch myself saying it or thinking it, I pause and mentally slap myself before laughing in my mind. It’s funny that we hate for no reason. And I enjoy laughing at myself whenever I can.

Like everyone should because being too serious can reduce your time and we all only get a limited amount of minutes to prance about the earth.

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”
-Norman Cousins