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Happy Turkey Day, Everyone!

May we all eat our hearts out and grow fantabulously fat today!



What IS Miko Doing?

What am I doing?

I was asked that by my best buddy the other day. He wanted to know exactly what was happening as he was seeing that nothing was getting updated. I simply just grinned and told him I was “breathing” and “enjoying my youth”. Best answer ever in my opinion.

But, truthfully I have been doing things, it’s just I’ve been jumping from thing to thing, never actually completing one whole thing. Which is kind of bad but it’s better than not doing anything at all, right?

Anyways I’ve made a list of all the things that are almost done! ^^ be proud of me. Be Proud of the slacker. Oh and also whatever pops into my head to share.


What Miko Has Been Doing And Is Almost Done With And Whatever’s Floating In Miko’s Head

  • Just A Favor: the ‘big’ scene is now done! After having to rewrite it like a hundred times (“too awkward they said, rewrite it you must they whined” -_-) that scene is finally finished! But as that is only a part of the chapter…I can’t post it up yet. So bear with me people. Bear with me.
  • Camp NaNoWriMo: I don’t know what possessed me to set my goal to 100,000 words (but I very cheerfully did – like a halfwit) since I have so many other things to write, not including school. But I’m doing it…or trying to at least. On the bright side, since I leave this Friday and it’s a 14 hour plane trip, I have all the time in the world to get that done along with the rest of the chapter for Just A Favor as well as the monthly updates for my other stuff. (I also have every evening to write during the entirety of spring break, so I’ll probably get to 30k for the Camp thing and finish half of the other stuff I need to. *See below for the details on what I’m writing for Camp
  • My peep diorama has been started on. I decided to go with Louis Peep and The Peep-cine and I have started the background in the box. I’ve got green, blue, and yellow peeps, and this evening I shall start the squishing and molding peeps process. Wish me good luck!
  • I finished my English Oral and in case anyone cares, I think I did average on it, which for me is super fantastic as I hated the bloody thing and walked into it having not studied though I should have. Too bad though our Paper 1 and Paper 2 exams are right around the corner. Boo-Hoo. I shall try to study for these though.
  • Despite The Odds: The chapter will be up MAYBE over spring break. I’ve been working on it slowly. Like a turtle with three broken legs. Kinda cute and funny to watch, but then makes you pity it since it’s not really getting anywhere sometime soon. Luls.
  • Valentine’s Fall: I wrote this entire chapter then I deleted it because I was very unhappy with it. I’m trying to get animated enough to re-write it over spring break. We’ll see where that goes.
  • Being Needed: Surprisingly this is one of my popular ones…which…*cough cough* worries me a tiny bit. Anyways, this will be coming when it comes…And I have actually read the requests made for it and my response is this: o_O  (Interpret that how you will)
  • I’m finally catching up on The Walking Dead. Or well I’m finally watching what people SPOILED for me:
    • “Did you see…”
    • “Wait! Wait! WAIT! I haven’t seen it!!”
    • “Hershel dies. Governor dies. Girl dies.”
    • “YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    • In case I spoiled that for you, doesn’t it suck?
  • I’ve been trying to lead a crusade against getting sucked into Dr. Who. Guess how well that’s working.
  • Psych ended right? I’ve been in love with this show ever since it started. I was that person who saw the tv commercials and such for it and was like…when does that start? That seems interesting, I think I’ll watch it. It was the first thing I actually became obsessed with. So imagine the heartbreak at knowing it’s done. It’s ten times worse than when Monk finished. *Sob* So far I’ve been boycotting the new season. Why? Because I reject that it’s over. As long as I never watch it, it’s technically not over 😀
  • I’m super pissed at how How I Met Your Mother ended. Anyone agree with me? THAT ENDING WAS JUST BULLCRAP. IT WAS POOP I SAY. POOP!
  • I’m still waiting on the subbed version of the Kuroshitsuji movie..
  • I’ve gotten obsessed with Words With Friends AGAIN.
  • Strangely, the manga The Liar Game suddenly whipped out two whole chapters the other day. I was slack jawed. That one hadn’t been updated in FOREVER. This now has also made me suddenly anxious for Koisuru Boukun to be updated. Who knows?
  • And speaking of updates, I’m desperately waiting for the new update to Lessons on Love. ARGH. But I can’t complain ‘cos I get it…
  • The other day we talked about the Ebola virus in class amongst other stuff. Basically it was a class on all the cool ways you can die by viruses, bacteria, and so on. I was so like 😀 yay! I totally needed to know that the bacteria that causes strep throat is actually flesh eating and so if contracted anywhere else in the body, it will EAT your organs – they will ROT. WOO-HOO. And best case scenario, you get opened up and all the crap is scooped out and medium-case scenario, you lose a body part and worst case scenario, it gets into your organs and you die. Fast. LOLOLOL.
  • I got to talk about Dennis Raider, David Berkowitz, John Wayne Gacy, Albert Fish, etc with some random person today. I was quite happy.
  • I’m still waiting on how my short story did so here’s to it going well! CHEERS. When all’s done, I’m posting it on here.


So that’s it for now I think. But anyways here’s the thing for Camp NaNoWriMo!


108 Things Wrong With The Universe


Poor Luke has had a rough life. And with the addition of a new older step-brother, things are about to get rougher.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy, isn’t going to get any easier – he gets that. But it wouldn’t hurt if he could just tweak a few things here and there. Like being allowed to lock his own door, for instance.

Too bad, of his following list of a hundred and eight things to change, only twenty of them seem to have the slightest chance of ever happening.


“It’s not that I hate life. It’s that life seems to hate me.”

“You know, little bro,” Kyle said as he punched me in the shoulder, “I think you just might be a little too pessimistic for your own good.”


Interesting? Maybe? I might just post the prologue and the first five chapters on here. Eventually. 

The Sunshine Blog Award

Mucho gracias to Matt Black for nominating me for this award. I am very happy and when I had received the notification I ran off to my friends and shoved my phone into their faces. Of course none cared… but I DO.


And now for the questions!

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