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This would be a really fun ‘power’ to have… not that I’d use it that often…. oh who am I kidding?! If I could be that mean to a boyfriend…hell yeah I’d use it!!! *evil laugh*


Boy and Puppy


He groans, it’s 5:30 am and yet he’s rolling out of bed, when he hears the incessant whine. It’s Rex, of course, and he needs to be taken out for his morning walk.

He shrugs on a sweater, a coat, and hat, pulling on a boots when he reaches the door. Rex is at his heels, tail wagging, and sits obediently as Jack snaps the leash on him. Then, bracing for the wind and chill, Jack opens the door and Rex is out, scampering for the nearest tree.

Cold. Cold. Cold. Resonates in his head as his teeth begin to chatter and he grips tighter onto his end of the leash. He eyes Rex sniffing the ground and desperately prays that his dog will hurry up and do his business soon. It’s freezing and he just wants to crawl back to bed. Finally, he sees Rex squat and he sighs in relief. He can go in now.

He closes the door softly and unleashes his puppy. Good, now back to sleep. He pats Rex’s head, slightly frowning when the pup shies away form his hand. “Oh well,” he whispers.

He then hurries back to his cocoon mattress.

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