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So to catch up on the time I’ve been gone (which really, I just got really, really, really lazy and…totally wanted to enjoy the summer and stuff), I’ve decided to bullet point some things to make this post a whole lot smaller than it originally would have been.

  1. College! I’m on track so far with my original plan however, I did switch my minor to Legal Studies. So…basically my classes so far (aside from a few required from the college core) are all crim. classes…. YAY. I am not looking forward to Constitutional Law classes this semester.
  2. Family! I don’t wanna talk about it! YAAAAAAAAAAY.
  3. Work! I wish I had lots of money! But that’s not gonna happen anytime soon!
  4. Anime! Have watched a bunch more, have gotten obsessed with a lot more, and will obviously be watching a ton more in the upcoming future…
  5. Manga! I HAVE FOUND MORE TO BE OBSESSED WITH AND HAHAHAHAH, Kuroshitsuji (such a wonderful one) is not at the top anymore… well, it wasn’t anyway since OT was number 1, but it’s not fallen to like…number 10? I dunno, frankly, it’s slowed a bit and the plot line has crumpled for me. STILL, I will likely continue to sometime in the future analyze and rant about its chapters.
  6. Follow up on number 6! Current top mangas! Oresama Teacher (of course), Cheese In The Trap (OH MY GOD, INHO FOR LYFE), Akatsuki no Yona (no surprise), Real Clothes, etc etc.
  7. Animals! I still have many.
  8. Writing! That has slowed incredibly….kind of.
  9. Follow up on number 8! I’m actually still writing…but only rp for now.
  10. RP! Chilling on Skype and sorry for those on kik…….. because I look at it every once in awhile. oops.
  11. Friends! As always, I adore them all. Even the ones who don’t return the same feelings <_> (which means, unwanted friendship????? o.O)

I think that’s it for now. First day of class tomorrow.


Thought Process Of A Returning College Student On Their First Day of The New Semester (Literally.)

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh, why didn’t I wake up earlier??? If my feet don’t move any faster, I am going to miss all of it! ALL OF IT!

Why did I sign up for an early class again????!

I’m going to be so late. So so so so late. Late. Late. LATE. Wait… was that? Who the freak thought it was a good idea to sell smoothies so damn early in the morning?! It’s like the arctic now?! Who is buying them?!

Ooooh…hold on. Strawberries? STRAWBERRIES. And bananas? Oh that sounds so good right now…

Wait. NO. Late, I’m going to be late!

Weeeeelllllll, I’m already late actually. Doesn’t hurt…and…I like smoothies….

Ohhh this is sooo good!!!! I think I should get a smoothie every morning! DELICIOUS. Oh wait, what time is it again?


Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, ruuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn!

Don’t stare at me like I’m crazy! YOU ARE CRAZY.


YES! I made it!!!!

Oh…there’s one seat in the back….the very back…WAAAY in the back…

Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, sorry,  MOVE YOUR DAMN BAG!

There! Made it!

Wait… what syllabus?

Oh well.. I’ll just grab it after class. It’s too bothersome to grab it now.

I’ll just glance to my left…


The right…


Oh’s on the wall.. yay for projectors. Hmm…hmmm…hmmm….MAKE THE TEXT BIGGER, WOMAN!

I give up. I’ll just remember what you say.. hopefully.

Hmm..hmm…hm…I’m lonely…

Friends? Anyone? Ooooh how about you! see…well you looked like a bitch anyways.

Bored….bored…bored…waaay too easy..bored..bored…WAIT THE TEXTBOOK COSTS THAT MUCH?! Why?!

Sad…broke…lonely…bored…tired…too early in the damn morning…why…I’m just going to put my head down…for a second..bored..bored..bored…bored…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


When’s my next class again?

Oh…well, time for lunch then!!!

lalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalal WAIT THEY ARE CLOSED?! IT’S NOT TO EARLY FOR LUNCH DAMN IT!

Fine. I’ll be back. And y’all better be open.

Chair..chair..chair..ooooh open chair! Mine! Wai-NO you bastard, that’s MINE!!!!!! Hah! Yeah, that’s right, walk away like the coward you are! NO! Don’t turn back!!!! Sorry!!!

Haaahhhh…peace at last…laptoppppp laaaaptopppp…I looove youuuu! ooooh full battery, yes!!! hmmm…how about some tv shows..yeah.. relax time..hmm…

WELL! It’s definitely lunch time now!! Excuse me, excuse, excuse me, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! Ooooh yes! My favorite!!

Hmm…hmm…yuuuum…yes gimme! Lalalalalalala…wait it’s how much?!! Why did I buy that smoothie???????? Argh!!!! Uhhhh I have enough, I swear! It’s somewhere..I have extra somewhere…ooooh let’s see..uhhh..nooo..not in that pocket, hmm..maybe this one..well maybe oh here it is! There ya go!

Fooooood! Table, table, table, table, oooh that one’s open! I’m going to sit..OH, NO YOU CAN HAVE IT THAT’S FINE. I TOTALLY WASN’T GOING TO SIT THERE. I’LL JUST WALK OVER THERE AND SIT NEAR THE TRASHCAN. HOW ABOUT THAT?!

Oh! you wanna share???? HIIIII! What’s your name?? Your major? No I’m a sophomore. 19. 20 in October. Yes, I’m a sophomore….sophomore..I’M A SOPHOMORE DAMNIT.

Wait. Where are you going? Waaaaiiiit! I want to be friends!!!

You didn’t even ask for my name….

I swear I’m friendly…just talk to me…ANYONE?!


Crap!!! I’m going to be late! Nononononono why did he talk so much?! Bluuuurgh why does time go by soo fast?! Hurrrrry hurrry hurrry out of my way!!! Oooh yes! made it!

And that is my seat. Right there. THAT IS MINE! Whew, sitting down..sitting….syllabus..what syllabus? Oh damn it all! No! I’m not getting up! I’ll get it after class.

OMG, I’m like sooo bored…when’s my next class…hmm…maybe I’ll just nap here… yeah…it’s comfy…

Ack! I really fell asleep! OH NO! My next class!!! Where is it?!!!! Oh nonononononononononononononononono….Oh wait, it’s the next building over. Wheeeew! Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up feet, move move move move….

YES! First one here!!


People!!! HIIIII, sit next to me! Oh…okay..yeah, I’d sit next to the window too..hey you! you look friendly, sit here? oh…okay..that’s cool..How about you?????!…

HIIII! Thank you for sitting next to me! No, don’t be creeped out by my smile, I’m just super happy! How are you?! Ooooh you smell nice!!! Move closer please! Mmmmmm..

nah, it’s cool…let the class out AN HOUR AND A HALF EARLY?!

Now what am I supposed to do… I’ve got soooo much time till my next class… it’s dark though…so no sleeping! NO SLEEPING!

Oooh laptop! right, videos! movies!

Hm… it’s been awhile since I’ve been on my blog…let’s check that out first!

A List Of Some Of The People You Will Likely Have In Your College Class

So those who are /have been in college will likely know what I’m talking about and either agree or disagree. The rest, well this what y’all should expect…


  1. The Nerd
  2. The Geek
  3. The Pervert
  4. The Bitch
  5. The Asshole
  6. The Kid Who Never Shows Up But Is Doing FAR Better Than You Are In Class
  7. The Kid Who Never Shows Up And Is FAILING
  8. The Professor’s Pet
  9. The Nap Time 24/7 Person
  10. The So Quiet The Rest Think He/She Has Died Person
  11. The “Will You Ever Shut Up?!” Person
  12. The Obsessive Note Taker
  13. The Cheater/Copy-er
  14. The Procrastinator
  15. The Talk-Back/Arguer
  16. The “Are You High?” Kid
  17. The “Are You High Too?” Kid
  18. The Suspected Psychopath

Stranger Danger, Right?

So college started for me yesterday and it went pretty well…rather it was super interesting.

I arrived at my campus very early and walked around with some friends from highschool (thank god we ride the same shuttle), stopping to drop one of them off since the rest of us had later classes. We then walked around a bit and ended up in the main center of the campus where I was able to buy some things as well as a bottle of Dr. Pepper – but at extremely ridiculous prices. It’s like they can’t get enough of your money. You just need to be giving more.

And after that, I eventually went to my close which is thankfully nearby! It was Acting and the class went really well!

Of course, it may have to do with the fact that my professor kind of reminds me of J. Michael Tatum..but…

Okay, he reminds me a lot of J. Michael Tatum! The speech patterns are eerily similar and the voice is so…I thought I was watching one of Tatum’s youtube videos.. He’s also a fan of Shakespeare so that didn’t help my case any.

I’m probably going to slip one of these days and call his Tatum. For the whole time I was there, I was sorely tempted to.

And after that, I had my lunch and then went looking for my second class.

Now here comes the Stranger Danger part.

So, it was getting really close to when my class started and I had no clue where to go. I was mega lost and desperately praying that somehow I;d get un-lost. And to top it all, every time I tapped on someone to help me, they either walked away or said “I don’t know”.

Thanks humanity. Y’all are wonderful people.

Eventually, though it got so bad that I promised myself that the next person I asked WOULD help me or DIE. I wasn’t going to miss a class. Nuh uh.

So in pure desperation, I basically jumped the next person walking by. Well, more like grab his wrist and yank him towards me.

My voice came out more high pitched than I’d ever want it to be or admit it to be (that’s how stressed I was). “Can you please help me get to ____???”

“Sure,” he said right away. “I’m heading there actually. Walk with me.”

And so I went.

And that’s when I realized, my guide was a very tall dude (I had to crane my head up to talk to him), broad shoulders, etc etc and was very very attractive.

And also very much older than me. I could tell. Probably 21 or 22 – which isn’t really a lot, but for me, the welp of 18, that’s…no…not now… no..

So I reluctantly pushed down my inner demon to flirt as heck with this guy and carried on with the disappointment that we’d probably never see each other again.

Except… (and I swear this is no coincidence; something obviously wants to destroy my plan of graduating in 3ish years)

When we got to the building, he pulled out his phone and asked me for my number to “talk more and hang out later”.

*sigh* Like a sad-that-I’m-actually-going-to-do-this puppy, I gave it to him.

Fast forward a few hours later, and I’m getting a call from him. To go and hang out somewhere. I went LOL, NOPE. Well, in my head I did. In reality, I lied my ass off and said I was going into another class and couldn’t. Nice, Miko. Good job, right there.

See, in my head, this could be something leading to something else of which I very much do not want. Also, it could simply be gaining a new friend, which I very much DO want. So my head was having an internal debate as to whether I should ever meet this guy again – mainly because I do not know his intentions.

I scream tiny freshmen. As much as I don’t want to – I scream it. And as terrible as it is, freshmen are very often taken advantage of (and I don’t mean just sexually). That is not how I wanted to start my year. So I lied.

But, he did not back down. Oh no. He suggested tomorrow and so I, feeling awful for lying, accepted.

And now it’s tomorrow.

Uh oh.

So here I am, completely not knowing what to do… *sigh*

Had it been any other dude my age, I would totally be cool with hanging out, etc etc. I’m confident with my age group or younger. But guys significantly older than my age – I’m at a complete loss (at least when it comes to situations like these). The confidence is gone and I feel terribly wimpy about it.

But, I have to learn sometime right? Dealing with people that I’m not comfortable with. It comes with the job I’ll be having. So I’m going to suck it up.

Of course, any hanging out is going to be in the MOST public places ever and there will NEVER be any funny business ever. Not while I can actually do something about it…

Gah… someone help me please….

The Second of Many Slaps To The Face From College And Other Stuff

Quite unexpectedly, college has ripped me a SECOND new one, with yours truly still haven’t technically started yet.

Wow. That’s really all I can say.

But, perhaps, I am partly to blame for this one. (Well….okay, mostly to blame…)

A bit ago, I had talked about my Math Placement tests and the struggle that was, however just today I’ve come to the conclusion that THAT was all for nothing.









I am going in to college for a Criminology major. In order to get that major I need ONE math class in which it has to be one of a certain handfull of maths. For certain maths, you need to take a placement test to be ABLE to take that class. So I did, already knowing that if I simply decided to take Quantitative Reasoning, I wouldn’t have to test since it doesn’t require any.

Why did I do this and blatantly ignore that one math class?

Because I figured I’d be stuck in such a simple class that it wouldn’t even be in the slightest bit challenging whatsoever. And I can’t deal with the thought of that because I already kmow the outcome: I’d be sleeping all year.

In more blunt terms, I’d be forking over $$$ to sleep.

That sounded stupid to me so I took my placement tests to get into something higher. And I do qualify for a bunch of higher classes (if I take it again, I can have even more options). So that’s good right?

Not exactly as I’m realizing.

The higher level classes that freshman can take are mostly INTRO classes. Intro to Calculus&Bus, Intro to Probability, Intro to etc etc.

Now why would I take an introductionary class when I am not going to be continuing math since I only need one? It doesn’t make much sense does it…

So that leaves me with *drumroll please*

Quantitative Reasoning!

A class that, after reading more thoroughly the packets that us Criminology B.S. majors were given, is more essential to us than calculus..


That stress of placement testing was all for naught AS I DIDN’T FREAKING NEED IT. WTF. I AM SO DUMB. GRRRRRRRRRRR.

So the ending result is that I am going to pay to sleep. But it’s whatever now, since I’m thinking about leaving math for this coming summer and filling the gap with another class that I can’t take in the summer.

Now why am I planning for summer 2015 classes already? Because like I said, I want to graduate a year early. My reasons for doing so will be a post all to itself sometime in the future. So that’s my plan so far.

And in case anyone’s curious as to my scheduled classes so far, here it is!

– Theater/Acting I: 3 credits (My art general requirement. Sure I could taking drawing shit but…I feel like this might be better for me and more beneficial for my career.. At the very least, I’ll be forced to improve speaking skills and whatnot.)

– IT: 3 credits (My IT general requirement. It was recommendes so why not.)

– Introduction to Criminal Justice : 3 credits (My first actual course towards my major!!)


– Elementary Japanese: 6 credits.

That’s right, I’m going to try to learn Japanese! I am so excited, despite the 6 credits blocking up a potential other class (12-18 credits allowed per semester, however while 15 is average, above it costs extra). I don’t even care that it’s like over a 2 hour class that I’l have three times a week. I am so happy!

Of course, my parents are like WTF, you are wasting money!!

Well, yeah I am. (B.S.’s don’t have language requirements so it’s not necessary at all) But I don’t mind. For me, it’s worth it. I’ll know three languages (being trilingual is a GOOD thing) and they’ll all be languages I actually like.

And….I’ll be able to read manga RAW. *extreme happy face* I’ll admit, I am not thinking logically here.

But I am happy. So there.

The First of Many Slaps To The Face From College

Recently, I attended my college two-day orientation and while it was fun there were a few downers as well.

One being, finding out the exact cost of my semester after registering for classes. Let’s just leave it at “it was not pretty and my heart broke into tiny pieces after seeing the figures”.

And two being, that while I am certainly more prepared than others for the vigorous academic courses, I still was caught by surprise by a few things.

Like for example, the math placement tests.

I am very good at math. Really, really good. It’s one of the few subjects that I can actually be proud of.

Picture a cat that never gets it’s own toy due to other cats always coming first. Then picture him getting the ultimate, one of a kind, designed only for him rubber mouse toy. There’s no way he’s not flaunting that shit in the other cats’ faces. I am that cat. Who can blame me.

I’ve never had to study for math. In fact, most of the time I spent my time sleeping, playing on my phone, or writing on my laptop (doing other homework, usually English, for other classes) in the midst of all my classmates writing down the notes or doing assignments. I’ve only ever needed to see an equation done once. And BAM it’s locked into my mind. I, personally, think it’s very fair since when it comes to Biology (or any science for that matter) I look like a cat caught in a ball of yarn. Adorably idiotic. (What’s with cat metaphors?)

Seriously. Numbers make sense. How the lungs work and which muscles contract when we breath in or out  do not. I swear I don’t even know how I passed my IB exam. I didn’t even really study since well, even with studying I was a goner. Thankfully those exams consisted of writing and more writing. I may not know what I’m talking about, but I sure as heck have the skills to sound like I know what I’m talking about.

But back to the math test thing.

I am very good at math.

However, I have ONE weakness in the subject. And that has ALWAYS been inequalities. Like the equations involving them. For some reason, the rules and such don’t like to stick in my head.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m FREAKING GREAT AT ALGEBRA. But, put this > in an equation and it’s like being in science class.

It’s not like I can never get them right, because I can. Give me awhile and a few tries or better yet show me how to do it ONCE and I’m FINE. For a month.

Come back to me a month later, show me the same problem, and it’s like you’re showing me something written in alien. It’s gone.

It’s like my brain immediately dumps that information out my ears as soon as it’s no longer necessary. Every freaking time! It’s usually something that’s reviewed at the beginning of each year and so I have to re-learn this everytime since it doesn’t want to stay in my head. This doesn’t happen with other math stuff, just inequalities. So usually, I’m fine since when does inequalities appear anywhere, right?

I took my IB Math exams and even then inequalities didn’t show up. I breezed through my exams and was soooo close to scoring a 7! A SEVEN PEOPLE. I all about danced through my derivatives.

No inequalities or a stupid number line. IN THE IB EXAMS.

So tell me why, the Alg 2 Math Placement Test consisted PURELY OF INEQUALITIES. There were about 3 questions that weren’t.

I got four correct. See how messed up that is?!

First off, I was slightly pissed that the moderators in the room didn’t tell EVERYONE that we were allowed to use calculators on the computers. For the basic algebra and algebra 1 test, I had been doing everything BY HAND on paper with a pen. Mind you, these tests were timed and I was cutting it real close each time.

Only when the person next to me had finished (you keep going till you fail a test), was I informed that I could use the computer calculator. I was very glum, but relieved after that.

And then going on to my next test, only a tiny bit happier at having a calculator, I discover that almost every question involves inequalities. I saw red. I know for a fact that Algebra 2 involved much more than inequalities so how could the test be solely that?!

I had passed my SOL two years ago with only about two questions short of a perfect score. (Guess what kind of questions they were.) And here I was, flunking my placement tests. Screw you college, screw you.

And I had been so looking forward to the transcendentals test. But since I couldn’t get pass the ALG 2 exam, I was immediately exited from the testing screen and had to log out from the site.


So yeah, College has effectively ripped me a new one. And I haven’t even technically started yet.


Fortunately, I get a retry. And y’all better believe I am going in prepared to smack this inequality poop down!

Though I wouldn’t be surprised that when I come back, it’ll be something completely different and won’t involve inequalities. If that happens, I’m calling bullshit on these placement exams. ARGH.

Congratulations Miko!

This is me congratulating myself! I’m pretty happy right now and I’m barely able to contain it.

I was going to write a short story for today, but I’ve decided not to as I’ll be spending my free hour in celebration (watching Criminal Minds and eating snacks) instead. Then I’ll have to grudgingly get back to homework and that jazz.

But, anyways!

The reason why I’m so jittery right now is because I recieved my college acceptance letter from a college I really want to go to!

Yay! Whoo! Someone send me an award!

I am NOT going to focus on how much it’s going to cost me right now. No, I will simply bask in the glory that I am wanted despite how bad my English grade is. But, no worries, I shall do better!

I swear.

No, really. I swear.