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Titania and Akatsuki no Yona

Listen to me, guys. I said, listen to me!

To actually read about crap involving the Titania scanlation group and the manga, Akatsuki no Yona, click here



So to catch up on the time I’ve been gone (which really, I just got really, really, really lazy and…totally wanted to enjoy the summer and stuff), I’ve decided to bullet point some things to make this post a whole lot smaller than it originally would have been.

  1. College! I’m on track so far with my original plan however, I did switch my minor to Legal Studies. So…basically my classes so far (aside from a few required from the college core) are all crim. classes…. YAY. I am not looking forward to Constitutional Law classes this semester.
  2. Family! I don’t wanna talk about it! YAAAAAAAAAAY.
  3. Work! I wish I had lots of money! But that’s not gonna happen anytime soon!
  4. Anime! Have watched a bunch more, have gotten obsessed with a lot more, and will obviously be watching a ton more in the upcoming future…
  5. Manga! I HAVE FOUND MORE TO BE OBSESSED WITH AND HAHAHAHAH, Kuroshitsuji (such a wonderful one) is not at the top anymore… well, it wasn’t anyway since OT was number 1, but it’s not fallen to like…number 10? I dunno, frankly, it’s slowed a bit and the plot line has crumpled for me. STILL, I will likely continue to sometime in the future analyze and rant about its chapters.
  6. Follow up on number 6! Current top mangas! Oresama Teacher (of course), Cheese In The Trap (OH MY GOD, INHO FOR LYFE), Akatsuki no Yona (no surprise), Real Clothes, etc etc.
  7. Animals! I still have many.
  8. Writing! That has slowed incredibly….kind of.
  9. Follow up on number 8! I’m actually still writing…but only rp for now.
  10. RP! Chilling on Skype and sorry for those on kik…….. because I look at it every once in awhile. oops.
  11. Friends! As always, I adore them all. Even the ones who don’t return the same feelings <_> (which means, unwanted friendship????? o.O)

I think that’s it for now. First day of class tomorrow.

I Found Another One I Like…

Check this out by Garett Carlson, I happened to really like it. So do it, people. Do it.


From Another Perspective

Advice From Someone Who Is Not Certified

I still think I’m good at this anyways. Who needs credentials?


70% of reactions for the following..

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A Foosball Post


A foosball table is only awesome when you have someone to enjoy it with.

As it is now, this poor table has stood here for days and days, months and months, and has barely been played on. The balloons behind it are the remnants of a birthday party….in which…foosball was still not played…despite the mass amount of people swarming the house.

This does not mean that foosball has never been played in this household though. In the past, there have been moments where my brother and I have loomed over the small table, slamming the handles to and fro, all while screaming obscenities at each other.

Where threats, screams of rage, and spittle have hurled into the air, so much so that people would inch away from the room in terror. Where wars had been declared, battles had been fought, bloodied victories had emerged, and yes, even humuliating defeats had occured.

But those incidents lie way behind me now. The foosball table stands alone and unused. Maybe to never be touched again.

A painful reminder of what had been.

Or maybe I’m just a little bored and don’t feel like getting up from my couch. I might be just a little out of it. Perhaps the hot chocolate I had earlier has finally settled into my belly; the warmth spreading up my body to fuzzy my brain. And maybe, just maybe, my fingers were getting twitchy on my phone and I was getting a little tired of reading fanfiction and decided I had to write something.

What if I like taking pictures, regardless of my inability to take good ones?

Who really knows?