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Titania and Akatsuki no Yona

Listen to me, guys. I said, listen to me!

To actually read about crap involving the Titania scanlation group and the manga, Akatsuki no Yona, click here


Akatsuki no Yona (Episode 1)

So, the first episode of Akatsuki no Yona is finally out! The subbed version, I mean. I’ve never been more jealous of Japan and Japanese speakers who were able to see the first two episodes back in September (the 28th, I believe). Anyway, for the rest of us, the subbed version is out today (a couple of hours ago actually) and is now available online! It’s also apparently available for download (*cough cough cough*) and from what I see, there are over a thousand people already seeding it. (*cough cough*) Me included…




I have seen the episode (duh!) and it’s exactly what I was hoping for. Hak is perfect as he is and I am in love with his voice. I’m feeling good about Yona’s voice as well, however there’s something off about Soo-won’s voice. I’m not quite sure whether I like it or not yet. It is a bit chilling though. He’s somehow a bit more dark than in the manga…though that’s just the first initial vibes I’ve had – perhaps a bit exaggerated due to my huge excitement to finally see this.

So far, I haven’t seen anything massively different from the manga, so I’m clinging to the hope that the anime will stay that way. (PLEASE STAY THAT WAY)

I, of course, can’t wait till we get to see the ‘dragons’. I have a favorite of those, though he no where near compares to precious Hak. He is every bit the sarcastic, cheeky, asshole I was expecting him to be. He’s just so loveable.

I am also pretty pumped for the music. How can anyone not love the OP song and the Ending song?!?!!?!?!?!


P.S. For those who’ve seen it already, doesn’t the opening┬áremind you of a wierd mash-up between Mulan and Avatar: The Last Airbender? Or is that just me??