Having decided to transfer my works onto other sites (my fickleness as always), I’ve put up a list of all the works (Fiction and Fan-Fiction) I’m either doing or have done, along with links and descriptions. Read, read, read. Review, review, review. (Please?) I love attention and definitely will beg for it…



Despite The Odds


Noah and Cade are total opposites, from the way they live to where they live. Noah is rich and stubborn, while Cade is simply a cheeky street brat. They tease, annoy, and repel each other, so why are they friends? And when the two realize the extent of their feelings go of that beyond bro-hood, will they overcome the odds stacked against them? In the process of being re-written/under major editing before continuing.


Valentine’s Fall

Valentine's Fall

Vladimir Valentine is known for his skills with an ax. Born to be a killer, he’s cold, sarcastic, and cynical. Nothing has fazed him and nothing ever will…or so he thought. Of the very beings he slaughters and whose carcasses have built his reputation, comes a young vampire named Charlie. Suddenly, he decides to wait to kill the leech. Will this hesitation cost him everything? In the process of being re-written/under major editing before continuing.

My Hippie Of A Teacher


Lionel Richards is a man of steel. He intends to make it through his senior year unscathed and un-bothered. He does not ‘share’ feelings with anyone. Unfortunately, his English teacher, Ms. Cheris, has other plans in mind for him. She’s determined to break through Lionel’s hard shell and cultivate the caring heart he hides. A collection of one shots between student and teacher. Currently on Hiatus. The continuation date TBD.


Miko’s Fiction In 50

Miko's Fiction in 50

Inspired by the Fiction In 50 challenge, a collection of 25 flash fiction stories in 50 words or less. Completed


Just A Favor


Sano asks Saitou for a favor, without telling him what it was. Hours later, Sano ends up in Saitou’s arms – naked. Completely not what he had pictured happening, but totally the start of something violently perfect and horrifyingly beautiful. Of course, it won’t be easy and their trials are just beginning, but what else did Sano expect when he decides to try to love the Wolf? On Hiatus, will be resuming soon though!


Christmas Truce, Anyone?

Christmas Truce

It’s Christmas time and a temporary truce has been formed between the villains and heroes of Gotham City. But, will everything go as planned? Completed.


Being Needed


Simba’s just trying to show his uncle that he’s more than what he seems. Scar fears that he’s losing his nephew’s admiration. In the desperate attempts to make sure their bond never fades, they cause their relationship to escalate to a whole new level. Yes, I’m aware I have problems…


Make Your Own Disaster


“I think it’s time we went on vacation.” He says, stamping his foot to emphasize his point. “Starting now. Today, we’re doing something fun.” Of course, Thor has no choice but to agree – that is if he wanted any lovin’ that night. What he didn’t see coming, when he planned their date, was Batman and Joker somehow becoming a part of their evening.


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