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So to catch up on the time I’ve been gone (which really, I just got really, really, really lazy and…totally wanted to enjoy the summer and stuff), I’ve decided to bullet point some things to make this post a whole lot smaller than it originally would have been.

  1. College! I’m on track so far with my original plan however, I did switch my minor to Legal Studies. So…basically my classes so far (aside from a few required from the college core) are all crim. classes…. YAY. I am not looking forward to Constitutional Law classes this semester.
  2. Family! I don’t wanna talk about it! YAAAAAAAAAAY.
  3. Work! I wish I had lots of money! But that’s not gonna happen anytime soon!
  4. Anime! Have watched a bunch more, have gotten obsessed with a lot more, and will obviously be watching a ton more in the upcoming future…
  5. Manga! I HAVE FOUND MORE TO BE OBSESSED WITH AND HAHAHAHAH, Kuroshitsuji (such a wonderful one) is not at the top anymore… well, it wasn’t anyway since OT was number 1, but it’s not fallen to like…number 10? I dunno, frankly, it’s slowed a bit and the plot line has crumpled for me. STILL, I will likely continue to sometime in the future analyze and rant about its chapters.
  6. Follow up on number 6! Current top mangas! Oresama Teacher (of course), Cheese In The Trap (OH MY GOD, INHO FOR LYFE), Akatsuki no Yona (no surprise), Real Clothes, etc etc.
  7. Animals! I still have many.
  8. Writing! That has slowed incredibly….kind of.
  9. Follow up on number 8! I’m actually still writing…but only rp for now.
  10. RP! Chilling on Skype and sorry for those on kik…….. because I look at it every once in awhile. oops.
  11. Friends! As always, I adore them all. Even the ones who don’t return the same feelings <_> (which means, unwanted friendship????? o.O)

I think that’s it for now. First day of class tomorrow.


Thought Process Of A Returning College Student On Their First Day of The New Semester (Literally.)

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh, why didn’t I wake up earlier??? If my feet don’t move any faster, I am going to miss all of it! ALL OF IT!

Why did I sign up for an early class again????!

I’m going to be so late. So so so so late. Late. Late. LATE. Wait… was that? Who the freak thought it was a good idea to sell smoothies so damn early in the morning?! It’s like the arctic now?! Who is buying them?!

Ooooh…hold on. Strawberries? STRAWBERRIES. And bananas? Oh that sounds so good right now…

Wait. NO. Late, I’m going to be late!

Weeeeelllllll, I’m already late actually. Doesn’t hurt…and…I like smoothies….

Ohhh this is sooo good!!!! I think I should get a smoothie every morning! DELICIOUS. Oh wait, what time is it again?


Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, ruuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnn!

Don’t stare at me like I’m crazy! YOU ARE CRAZY.


YES! I made it!!!!

Oh…there’s one seat in the back….the very back…WAAAY in the back…

Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, sorry,  MOVE YOUR DAMN BAG!

There! Made it!

Wait… what syllabus?

Oh well.. I’ll just grab it after class. It’s too bothersome to grab it now.

I’ll just glance to my left…


The right…


Oh’s on the wall.. yay for projectors. Hmm…hmmm…hmmm….MAKE THE TEXT BIGGER, WOMAN!

I give up. I’ll just remember what you say.. hopefully.

Hmm..hmm…hm…I’m lonely…

Friends? Anyone? Ooooh how about you! see…well you looked like a bitch anyways.

Bored….bored…bored…waaay too easy..bored..bored…WAIT THE TEXTBOOK COSTS THAT MUCH?! Why?!

Sad…broke…lonely…bored…tired…too early in the damn morning…why…I’m just going to put my head down…for a second..bored..bored..bored…bored…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


When’s my next class again?

Oh…well, time for lunch then!!!

lalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalal WAIT THEY ARE CLOSED?! IT’S NOT TO EARLY FOR LUNCH DAMN IT!

Fine. I’ll be back. And y’all better be open.

Chair..chair..chair..ooooh open chair! Mine! Wai-NO you bastard, that’s MINE!!!!!! Hah! Yeah, that’s right, walk away like the coward you are! NO! Don’t turn back!!!! Sorry!!!

Haaahhhh…peace at last…laptoppppp laaaaptopppp…I looove youuuu! ooooh full battery, yes!!! hmmm…how about some tv shows..yeah.. relax time..hmm…

WELL! It’s definitely lunch time now!! Excuse me, excuse, excuse me, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY! Ooooh yes! My favorite!!

Hmm…hmm…yuuuum…yes gimme! Lalalalalalala…wait it’s how much?!! Why did I buy that smoothie???????? Argh!!!! Uhhhh I have enough, I swear! It’s somewhere..I have extra somewhere…ooooh let’s see..uhhh..nooo..not in that pocket, hmm..maybe this one..well maybe oh here it is! There ya go!

Fooooood! Table, table, table, table, oooh that one’s open! I’m going to sit..OH, NO YOU CAN HAVE IT THAT’S FINE. I TOTALLY WASN’T GOING TO SIT THERE. I’LL JUST WALK OVER THERE AND SIT NEAR THE TRASHCAN. HOW ABOUT THAT?!

Oh! you wanna share???? HIIIII! What’s your name?? Your major? No I’m a sophomore. 19. 20 in October. Yes, I’m a sophomore….sophomore..I’M A SOPHOMORE DAMNIT.

Wait. Where are you going? Waaaaiiiit! I want to be friends!!!

You didn’t even ask for my name….

I swear I’m friendly…just talk to me…ANYONE?!


Crap!!! I’m going to be late! Nononononono why did he talk so much?! Bluuuurgh why does time go by soo fast?! Hurrrrry hurrry hurrry out of my way!!! Oooh yes! made it!

And that is my seat. Right there. THAT IS MINE! Whew, sitting down..sitting….syllabus..what syllabus? Oh damn it all! No! I’m not getting up! I’ll get it after class.

OMG, I’m like sooo bored…when’s my next class…hmm…maybe I’ll just nap here… yeah…it’s comfy…

Ack! I really fell asleep! OH NO! My next class!!! Where is it?!!!! Oh nonononononononononononononononono….Oh wait, it’s the next building over. Wheeeew! Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up feet, move move move move….

YES! First one here!!


People!!! HIIIII, sit next to me! Oh…okay..yeah, I’d sit next to the window too..hey you! you look friendly, sit here? oh…okay..that’s cool..How about you?????!…

HIIII! Thank you for sitting next to me! No, don’t be creeped out by my smile, I’m just super happy! How are you?! Ooooh you smell nice!!! Move closer please! Mmmmmm..

nah, it’s cool…let the class out AN HOUR AND A HALF EARLY?!

Now what am I supposed to do… I’ve got soooo much time till my next class… it’s dark though…so no sleeping! NO SLEEPING!

Oooh laptop! right, videos! movies!

Hm… it’s been awhile since I’ve been on my blog…let’s check that out first!

Strange Habits I Have

This post was meant to be done a few days back, but it’s being published now so there.

Anyway, about a week and a half ago, I went to dinner with my friend and his mom. We had hung out for most of the evening (watching Mulan – AGAIN :D) prior to this and so when his mom came home, she was like “Food?” And we were like “Yes?” And she went “Panera?” And we said, “Okay?”

Yes. It was all questions. Don’t ask why.

So finally at Panera’s, we got into a conversation about how parents are really odd. I went on a rampage about all the weird little things my mom does and my friend went off about his mom too (as if she wasn’t sitting in front of him at all….hehe..). That led to her saying, “Soooo it’s just us???? What about you guys?! Y’all are little psychos that have me questioning just what popped out of my womb..”

And we were like  :O???????????????????????????????

But she did have a point. Once I started thinking about it, there were a whole lot of things that I do that are just so…not normal I guess.. So many odd habits…

So here are some!!!!


  1. Always questioning people, when they are reading MY books, if they have washed their hands. And then, when they don’t respond or say the haven’t, I make them do so. Or at least try to.
  2. Trailing off mid-sentence…for no reason whatsoever. I finish conversations halfway through them and don’t pick them back up again. I’ve left several people waiting for my response because they think I’ve stopped to think about what I’m going to say. Nope, I’m just done talking. Even if I didn’t actually finish a sentence.
  3. Asking for paper in class, even though I have a full stock in my book bag. It doesn’t matter that I know who I’m asking already knows I have paper and don’t want to give me any, I ask them anyways. And when I don’t have paper. I sit quietly until someone notices that I need paper.
  4. Gazing off into the distance…movie-dramatic-creepy style when I’m in the middle of doing something else. If I’m playing video games, I suddenly stop and my eyes go blank, and I’m in some other world. Reading, typing, etc. it doesn’t matter what it is. Even tests, unfortunately. Before, I was often yelled at to pay attention by my friends. Now all I get is a, “Welcome back to Earth, Miko” when I resume my tasks.
  5. When I had a boyfriend (back in the prehistoric ages and where I was being dumb as ****), I always had to, HAD TO, respond back double the time it took for him to respond to me. I don’t know why, I don’t know how it started, and I hope I don’t do it again.. but I always did it. It took him 10 minutes to text me? Well, I’ll text him back in 20. He sends me a text an hour later, well, two hours later he’ll get a response…
  6. I despise any kind of conversation about cheerleading. Why? Because somehow the conversation always lead back to my horrendous past with it. (One year, guys…and never again!! I was so young and foolish back then!)
  7. I’m very mean to my friends. Like the more I like you, the more nasty I get. It’s not a 24/7 thing, but it happens a lot. I have tried to fix that but there hasn’t been much success. The amount of insults that spew out of my mouth are horrendous.. fortunately, I don’t have the mean tone to accompany them so my buds don’t really get mad at me.. so it’s like a cheery “I fucking hate you!!” or “you look sooo ugly today” or “you have two brain cells, I don’t know how you’re still breathing” or “go dig a hole and die in it” or.. well y’all get my point..
  8. Taking apart flowers. Whenever I get flowers, I pull the petals off one by one. It’s a very meticulous process for me though. I pull off one petal, smell it, rub it to see how soft it is, then fold it repeatedly as small as I can, then tear it into tiny pieces, and finally crush all the pieces into my fist and shake them off into a pile on a table. Then I repeat the whole process again! Until the flower is destroyed. My mother has fought with me to keep any flowers given to me alive in a vase for at least three days.
  9. Eating asian food, regardless of how sick I get after. I think there’s something about asian food that severely messes up my stomach. My dad’s stomach too. However, we BOTH love it. The food part, not the sick part. We can’t and won’t stop eating the food – in fact, we’re usually the ones to suggest we get that for dinner or something.
  10. I can’t stare at dolls head on. I always keep my gaze away and if I absolutely must look at them, I glance from the corner of my eyes. Never ever do I stare straight at them.

And that’s enough of that for now!

This Made My Day!

So I have a final today and of course, I decided to relax a bit by catching up on the newest Akatsuki no Yona episode I missed Tuesday. And Lord knows how much I needed that.

WARNING: Spoilers! (Anime and Manga)

In this episode, Kija tries to bribe Hak into leaving since there is apparently no more use for him – something I completely disagree with. As Hak isn’t one of the four dragons meant to protect King Hiryuu, Kija won’t accept him being near the princess. However, that kind of backfires when both go to see the princess to complain.

Yona tells Kija straight up that Hak is not and will never leave – she will never allow that to happen. Of course, Hak is extremely happy because that poor sucker is soooo head over heels for the princess. Something, that is soo much more amusing in the manga (perhaps due to the fact the manga is so far ahead than the anime…)

This brings me to the scene that made my day today!

The hilariously fantastic CREEPY as heck laugh I’ve ever heard. And this is Hak’s happy laugh. This is why I love this character so much!

Besides sharing this clip, I also want to get this idea thing off my chest and out of my head about this manga before it kills me. See, for the past few weeks (month more like it, I believe) I’ve been wondering about the rest of the King Hiryuu prophecy thing the priest Ik-Soo had told Yona.

Yona and company have managed to gather the four dragons together, but nothing has happened. Why? Because there’s a little extra bit that hasn’t happened yet: the sword and shield part.

Who is that person? Or what are they supposed to find. Initially, I had my suspicions that it was supposed to involve Hak in some way – it would have made so much sense right? The Thunder Beast would have fulfilled that role perfectly. However, as the manga keeps going and chapters keep coming, I’m starting to doubt that.

I think.

I really think…


All the rest of the stuff that Ik-Soo told Yona…


Lord Kan Tae-Jun.

Yup, call me crazy, but I truly believe that Tae-Jun is going to “betray” his father and older brother and all the rest of their group…by joining Yona, Hak, Yoon, and Dragons.

He’s going to morph his super dramatic/oddball/crazy personality into their posse. I’m calling it right now, because I’m tired of just thinking it and not saying it. Plus, none of my anime/manga reading buddies have read Akatsuki no Yona so I can’t really talk about it with them. I only have one person who watches it with me, but he doesn’t read it….so I can’t ever fully discuss anything without fear of somehow spoiling the anime for him..


And for the record, I am following the English translation/scanlations so I’m NOT caught up with the original version and therefore I’m running off with what I’ve read so far. That means I’m probably yammering on nonsense. But whatevs. 

A List Of Some Of The People You Will Likely Have In Your College Class

So those who are /have been in college will likely know what I’m talking about and either agree or disagree. The rest, well this what y’all should expect…


  1. The Nerd
  2. The Geek
  3. The Pervert
  4. The Bitch
  5. The Asshole
  6. The Kid Who Never Shows Up But Is Doing FAR Better Than You Are In Class
  7. The Kid Who Never Shows Up And Is FAILING
  8. The Professor’s Pet
  9. The Nap Time 24/7 Person
  10. The So Quiet The Rest Think He/She Has Died Person
  11. The “Will You Ever Shut Up?!” Person
  12. The Obsessive Note Taker
  13. The Cheater/Copy-er
  14. The Procrastinator
  15. The Talk-Back/Arguer
  16. The “Are You High?” Kid
  17. The “Are You High Too?” Kid
  18. The Suspected Psychopath

Which Are You?


My brother has consistently been telling me that I’m a Slytherin.

I’m not sure how to take that.

Day In The Life Of A College Freshman (Very Soon To Be College Sophomore)

Here’s to piggybackin’ off Matt’s latest post. (Don’t worry, he said it was all right.)



5:30 am: Alarm goes off. Alarm is ignored.

5:35 am: Realization that the alarm is refusing to be ignored, so a phone is thrown across the room. Alarm turns off.

6:10 am: Voices are heard from outside the bedroom and then there is yelling. “MIKO?! WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE?!” I am now full awake.

6:11 am: Intense running around the room, in the hopes that somehow I’ll be ready and out the door, driving a 30ish min long drive to a shuttle stop, where the shuttle arrives at 6:37, and hopefully ride a 40ish min long shuttle ride, so that I may reach my college class before 7:30.

6:20 am: Realizes it is Monday. Not Tuesday. First Class starts at 10:30 on Mondays and I am now fully awake… It is a bad day.

6:30 am: The attempts to crawl back in bed and go back to sleep prove fruitless and so the day begins with watching Jerry Springer and eating ramen.

8:50 am: I leave my home and drive to my shuttle stop, stopping midway at a gas station to buy a liter of soda – because it is a bad day.

9:50 am: The shuttle is late.

10:27 am: Running from one side of the campus to the other, after having just arrived.

10:35 am: Breathless, red-faced, and staggering, but somehow not marked down as tardy. Thank God.

10:40 am: Pulls out Dr. Pepper from book bag and unscrews the cap.

10:41 am: Realizes too late that the running has shaken up the soda inside the bottle. There is now a miniature volcano of soda erupting all over my book bag, shoes, jeans, hoodie, and floor. It is now a very bad day.

11:45 am: Leaves class, having successfully embarrassed myself not just with the soda explosion but with my crappy improv acting as well. Turns out, we had a performance exercise and the only one who wasn’t prepared was me.

12:00 pm: Lunch time and anime watching time and homework time.

1:29 pm: Glances at phone. Shit.

1:30 pm: Running across one side of campus to the other, knocking down two people and gracefully grazing a tree with my elbow.

1:36 pm: Arrives to English class six minutes late only to find out teacher will be coming in late today. It is a very, very bad day.

1:45 pm: Class begins with an immediate, intensely descriptive discussion on the rape scene from last class’s homework assignment. The rape scene is two paragraphs long. The reading was 30 pages long. However, no one questions the focus of today’s discussion…

2:45 pm: Class is over and I walk to the shuttle stop.

3:07 pm: The shuttle arrives and I get on to find there are no more seats left. I then decide to make the floor my seat without telling the driver. I spend the rest of the trip in hiding so that I don’t get yelled at or taken off. I refused to wait another half hour for another shuttle.

3:40 pm: I get off the shuttle and walk to my car.

3:42 pm: I am out of gas.

3:45 pm: I am out of gas, but pretending I can still make it home.

3:50 pm: I am out of gas, pretending I can still make it home, and ignoring a blinking light.

4:00 pm: The ruse is up.

5:20 pm: I am finally home.

5:25 pm: Takes a nap. It’s been a really bad day.

7:00 pm: Wakes up and decides to write this post, because misery loves company.