Titania and Akatsuki no Yona

Listen to me, guys. I said, listen to me!

Being a huge fan of Akatsuki no Yona, it goes without a doubt that I’d be aware of and quite grateful towards the scanlation group TitaniaScanlations. They are, of course, the main translators/scanlators for the manga and have been dutifully without fail providing all fans access to excellent quality AnY chapters for a very long time. However, recently due to the licensing of Akatsuki no Yona by Viz Media, the group has adapted a new way of providing those chapters to English readers. A way, that I’ll say straight out right now is not only an annoyance, ridiculous, and over the top, but is also perfectly within their right to do so.


I don’t think so.

Currently, Titania has decided to make their AnY chapters accessible (through download onlyonly to members of their forum and can only be read after reaching a certain number of posts to the forum. (I believe it’s at 20 now? With a higher band to reach to those accused of spamming, etc.) And, it’ll only be available for a limited amount of time. This way, it becomes harder for profit sites to gain hold of their chapters and limits other outside interference (I mean, translating an already licensed manga is kinda.. duhhhh), leaving only Titania members able to read any new chapters.

This policy is in place starting from chapter 109 and onwards. For chapters, 106-108 as many know had been released with a few pages untranslated with only members being able to access those untranslated pages. Since that method hadn’t achieved what they were trying to achieve the new policy was set in place.

Now here comes the complaints.

1) “I don’t have time to ..blah blah blah..

Well, if you had the time to read the manga before, probably have enough time to quickly make an account and do some shit posting, right? Right. What’s really meant by this comment is that “I don’t feel like wasting my time on posting shit I don’t care about and I really don’t want to put the extra effort in because of some high and mighty group deciding to place conditions on something that never had those conditions set in before.” And you know what? That is a-ok. Really. I’m lazy too. And I like reading manga when I wanna read manga. Not jump through hoops and then read manga when I wanna read manga. You do you bruhs.

2) “I already have so many accounts online, I don’t ..blah blah blah..

Yup. We all do. I mean, who doesn’t want yet another place online to have your email, etc etc etc. Honestly, the interwebs has way too much of me already spread out here and there. Oh the stupidities of youth… if only I could erase some of that… But I digress. This is a decent complaint and could be solved if Titania put the chapters back up on their reader and made them accessible to everyone- BUT OH MY, that’s disregarding and overstepping the point why they were there in the first place. Whoops.

3) “Why such a high post requirement? There’s going to be shitposting ..blah blah blah..

It’s not that high, but uh, because it’s their translations? I mean, I could bake a bunch of brownies and make ’em all 5 bucks a pop, no one’s going to stop me. Rather it’s a “fuck you,” I’m going to the store where I can buy a whole stinking lot for $8 that I’m going to get. That’s alright. There will still be the few silly and loyal people who’ll buy my chocolate squares at a ridiculously high price. Same with Titania. They can do what they want with their brownies. As for shitposting, well yeah. Duh. That’s why there are apparently consequences for those doing so.

4) “Download only? What if I don’t own my own computer, have bad internet ..blah blah blah..

Well doesn’t that suck. How about download it, read, then delete. Wee. As for bad internet.. maybe head to a McDonalds, Starbucks, An Establishment That Provides Wifi? But then again, we go back to the whole effort thing. It all comes down to how much someone is willing to do to get what he or she wants. For example, if this was about CITT, I’d do absolutely anything. For AnY, nope.

5) “Why only a week to read? I didn’t get a chance to see those chapters, why delete them ..blah blah blah..

You snooze, you lose. Too bad bb. Better luck next time. Or complain to Titania. Maybe they’ll feel like re-uploading chapters.

6) “This is all an attempt to gain traffic ..blah blah blah..

Maybe so. Maybe not. Does it matter though? If that’s the reason, then ok? Who doesn’t enjoy having lots of people throw love at them or feel so empowered by the amount of traffic they receive? Look at myself. I still feel tickled pink at the amount of people that keep reading shit posts I did awhile back. Pfft.

So now that we have some of the major complaints out of the way, let’s get down to my personal feelings. Haha. Actually, I’m sure I’ve expressed them either explicitly or implicitly above. But either way, I’ll get ’em down right here. I think it’s all ridiculous, annoying, and over the top. Boom.

I’m very grateful for all the work they’ve done and I respect them for all the effort and time they put in. Great quality, easy accessibility, and nice team. But the buck stops here. Honestly, I think Titania should have either stopped the scanlating completely or continued with their normal ways. All or nothing.

Their reason for releasing AnY this way is a result of the licensing of the manga and consequent legal percussions that would arise from continuing to translate chapters. These legal consequences aren’t going to go away just because it’s a mite harder to read the chapters for everyone. It’s utter nonsense to believe so.

So if the legal problems aren’t going away, then why place restrictions at all? The risk is all the same regardless as long as chapters are being translated. So what’s the point of the new rules. Ridiculous. Duh.

However, as ridiculous, annoying, and over the top everything it is, it is well within Titania’s right to do so. It’s their site. It’s their scanlations. It’s their translations. Their work. And their time. So they can do whatever the hell they want with it. Boo hoo for everyone. Either accept it or move on and find another way. [See ideas for other possible ways at the bottom]

Now for the ending part of this post, da da dumm, comes the whole ‘so what am I doing about it’ thing. Well, here’s the funny part. Hehehe.


I followed Titania’s scans because they’re a lot prettier looking than the ones on Otakumole. Sue me. But, now that I’ve got no choice (I’ll admit, 70% of the reason is pure spite), it’s back to that. The plus side to this, is that currently, it’s at chapter 116 (well, it says 117 but the numbering’s off by one on that site.). Whee. Again.

For those other people who also decide to stop with Titania and want other ways of getting some Akatsuki no Yona, here are some suggestions:

  1. Otakumole. No longer accepting registrations for the site so only those previously registered can access it BUT members are allowed 3 links/codes to give out to people so that those select 3 can become members too. So if you can find someone who’s already a member and willing to hand out one of their golden tickets, beg. BEG ALL YOU CAN. I’m selfish so don’t ask me though. Gracias.
  2. KiraKira Treasure Box Word by word translations for chapters can be found on this blog. As for the scans that you can read along with her translations, the directions to get to them can be found here in her about page. However, it’s quite easy to find a substitute for this online, merely by googling for other language translations. For example, instead of looking at raws, use these Spanish translations/scans along with KiraKira’s translations. Which leads to…
  3. Find A Different Language To Read In For those who can read in a language other than English, uh try doing that? Other groups for other languages are faring pretty well so it’s worth a try?
  4. A Fragment of a Wish Hisazuki puts up some of her own translated scans for the latest Akatsuki no Yona chapters. Most of the time it’s usually a few scanned and translated pages along with summaries. Once in awhile, there might be a full chapter (like 116 for instance). However, the summaries are always accurate so those who are cool with reading quick summaries of what’s going on with the chapters can have a blast there.
  5. FiveTwentyFiveCans Apparently there is this new group doing translations and have released chapters 109-110 which can be found on most manga aggregator sites. The stability of this is iffy, but since it’s been happening, I might as well add it to this list. So, uh. There’s the option of just waiting and chilling around for them to release chapters and then reading it on sites like Mangahere, Mangafox, etc. Who knows, they might become the new Titania?

I think that’s it for now, at least concerning ones that I’ve checked to see if they are up to date on the latest chapters. There are more places but those seem to either have stopped, are way behind, or aren’t doing well summary wise. Hnn.

So, uh, that’s all. Farewell. I don’t even know what motivated me to write this anymore… kinda lost track halfway through?

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.41.25 AM

Did you get that? Every last word? Right, breh?


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