Christmas Wishlist Item #1

This is the first of the many to come items on my Christmas wishlist this year. Instead of writing to Santa about what I want, I’ll be blogging them in hopes that the chubby man will somehow read them whilst netsurfing for great deals on plastic toys for the good kiddies around the world. (Hehehehehehe!)

Anyway, my first wish is: MANGA.

I want lots of manga books, however I’m categorizing them into one single ‘item’ on my item list; because if I didn’t, I’d never move on to the other non-manga things I want.


Yes my room is green....hehe

This is my current manga collection size, minus the bottom shelf which is full of exactly what it looks like: Goosebumps books. (Yes, I was/oddly still am a fan. And I kind of still collect them…)

Currently, I have many more on order, waiting for the phone call to tell me to come pick em up at B&N, but I want more.. selfish as that is.. Those shelves in the picture are lacking in my opinion. They are too empty.

Of course, I have plenty downloaded manga on my tablet and phone, but nothing beats a physical copy of them. Nothing beats having the books. Plus, I like showing my appreciation to the author by paying for them when I can.

So that is why, I am making this plea to Santa. Get me manga!

Here’s a small list of some of the ones I’m currently wanting:
– Oresama Teacher Vol. 18 (coming out in March, sooo…not likely to get by Christmas but it’s still getting listed here!)
– Blue Exorcist Vols. 9+
– The Magic Touch Vols. 4+
– Voice Over: Seiyuu Academy Vols. 1+
– Dramacon Vol. 2 and 3
– Black Butler Vol 19 (Coming out in January so…same as Oresama Teacher)

And bunches more!


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  1. I hope you received some “Skip Beat!” for Christmas! A collection of manga without “Skip Beat!” does not qualify as a manga collection… Kidding. 🙂

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