A List Of Some Of The People You Will Likely Have In Your College Class

So those who are /have been in college will likely know what I’m talking about and either agree or disagree. The rest, well this what y’all should expect…


  1. The Nerd
  2. The Geek
  3. The Pervert
  4. The Bitch
  5. The Asshole
  6. The Kid Who Never Shows Up But Is Doing FAR Better Than You Are In Class
  7. The Kid Who Never Shows Up And Is FAILING
  8. The Professor’s Pet
  9. The Nap Time 24/7 Person
  10. The So Quiet The Rest Think He/She Has Died Person
  11. The “Will You Ever Shut Up?!” Person
  12. The Obsessive Note Taker
  13. The Cheater/Copy-er
  14. The Procrastinator
  15. The Talk-Back/Arguer
  16. The “Are You High?” Kid
  17. The “Are You High Too?” Kid
  18. The Suspected Psychopath

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