In Which Many Shocking Revelations are Made

I love how this says 37 and a half. Half a country, guys. HALF A COUNTRY.

The Little Engine that Couldn't

Damn straight.

Lately, I have discovered through the use of research, logic, and a complete disregard for privacy, many horrific truths belonging to the bloggers who follow me. Because I am a man of honor, I will not be able to sleep tonight without having revealed these secrets to the world. I’m sure some of you will simply dismiss me as a crazy conspiracy theorist. But I think before doing that, you should read the wise words of a user on urban dictionary:

A conspiracy theorist in today’s society is considered a lunatic who makes stories or “false” alternatives up for attention, when in reality, a conspiracy theorist is one of the only beings today capable of critical thinking and actually considering the supposed “truth” handed down to them from the government.

It’s really sad how today’s people are brainwashed to think that everything someone says is true just because they are in…

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