“Casual Feminism” at it’s worst

Suitably Bored

“Casual Feminism” needs to die, just like the Social Justice Warrior movement. Kim Kardashian poses nude and neither the casual feminists and social justice warriors bats an eyelid. This man, who was part of the ‘Rosetta Mission’ to land an un-manned space craft on a moving asteroid wears a shirt is now targeted by these people for the shirt he wore during an interview, which you can see below. I am offended by mouth breathers who think a shirt is “sexist” but never seem to focus on female genital mutilation, school girls being shot in the head because they want an education, girls being kidnapped and sold as slaves. Some people need a lesson in proper perspective.

matttaylor_shirt.jpg.CROP.original-originalThe scientific community is by and large focused on the results of ones work and many of those “workplaces” are extremely casual compared to corporate workplaces we find ourselves in. The saddest thing about this whole debate is that this…

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