A Petition I’d Like You All to Sign

Go on, sign it. Sign it on the original post.

If you love me you’ll sign it.

If you hate me, you’ll sign it too.

Got it?

The Little Engine that Couldn't

As you know, I am quite the idealist. If there is a chance that I can made a positive change in the world, I will take it without a second thought. Providing, of course, that it doesn’t require a lot of effort.

There’s one major thing in the world I’d like to change, and in order to do so, all you’d have to do is comment with your name (or username, whatever) and agree with it. I think if enough people go along with it, we can not just change WordPress, but we could change the fate of the entire universe as well.

Here it goes:

I think the snow feature should be allowed on WordPress blogs throughout the entire winter season, not just during the holidays. I think that once it starts snowing where I live, I should be allowed to put the snow decoration on my blog, and it

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