What do you look for in anime/manga? (Discussion topic #2)

For my followers who watch/read anime/manga, share your thoughts as well!

For me, the art style is a major hurdle that must be crossed in order for me to actually watch or read something. It’s an annoying habit of mine, but if in the first few seconds of glancing at the cover of a manga or something similar and the art doesn’t appeal to me in any way, I will not read/watch it. After the art, comes the plot. And the kind of things I read completely rely on the mood I’m in…


Hi I’m Simon and today I have another Topic or whatever you want to call it to think about. Maybe it will help you to waste a few minutes of boredom away or to see your interests in a new light and find the next thing to read or watch.

Anyway, today’s discussion topic is to ask yourself, or others, what do you look for in an anime or manga? More precise, maybe, what makes you decide to read or watch something? To an extent, that includes the question of what makes an anime worth watching or what does it take for you to feel satisfied after finishing a manga? On the other hand you can twist the question and ask yourself, what keeps you away form something? Is there anything, that, upon discovery, makes you go “Ewww, how did I even consider watching this?” Anyway, enough with the questions…

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