Day In The Life Of A College Freshman (Very Soon To Be College Sophomore)

Here’s to piggybackin’ off Matt’s latest post. (Don’t worry, he said it was all right.)



5:30 am: Alarm goes off. Alarm is ignored.

5:35 am: Realization that the alarm is refusing to be ignored, so a phone is thrown across the room. Alarm turns off.

6:10 am: Voices are heard from outside the bedroom and then there is yelling. “MIKO?! WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE?!” I am now full awake.

6:11 am: Intense running around the room, in the hopes that somehow I’ll be ready and out the door, driving a 30ish min long drive to a shuttle stop, where the shuttle arrives at 6:37, and hopefully ride a 40ish min long shuttle ride, so that I may reach my college class before 7:30.

6:20 am: Realizes it is Monday. Not Tuesday. First Class starts at 10:30 on Mondays and I am now fully awake… It is a bad day.

6:30 am: The attempts to crawl back in bed and go back to sleep prove fruitless and so the day begins with watching Jerry Springer and eating ramen.

8:50 am: I leave my home and drive to my shuttle stop, stopping midway at a gas station to buy a liter of soda – because it is a bad day.

9:50 am: The shuttle is late.

10:27 am: Running from one side of the campus to the other, after having just arrived.

10:35 am: Breathless, red-faced, and staggering, but somehow not marked down as tardy. Thank God.

10:40 am: Pulls out Dr. Pepper from book bag and unscrews the cap.

10:41 am: Realizes too late that the running has shaken up the soda inside the bottle. There is now a miniature volcano of soda erupting all over my book bag, shoes, jeans, hoodie, and floor. It is now a very bad day.

11:45 am: Leaves class, having successfully embarrassed myself not just with the soda explosion but with my crappy improv acting as well. Turns out, we had a performance exercise and the only one who wasn’t prepared was me.

12:00 pm: Lunch time and anime watching time and homework time.

1:29 pm: Glances at phone. Shit.

1:30 pm: Running across one side of campus to the other, knocking down two people and gracefully grazing a tree with my elbow.

1:36 pm: Arrives to English class six minutes late only to find out teacher will be coming in late today. It is a very, very bad day.

1:45 pm: Class begins with an immediate, intensely descriptive discussion on the rape scene from last class’s homework assignment. The rape scene is two paragraphs long. The reading was 30 pages long. However, no one questions the focus of today’s discussion…

2:45 pm: Class is over and I walk to the shuttle stop.

3:07 pm: The shuttle arrives and I get on to find there are no more seats left. I then decide to make the floor my seat without telling the driver. I spend the rest of the trip in hiding so that I don’t get yelled at or taken off. I refused to wait another half hour for another shuttle.

3:40 pm: I get off the shuttle and walk to my car.

3:42 pm: I am out of gas.

3:45 pm: I am out of gas, but pretending I can still make it home.

3:50 pm: I am out of gas, pretending I can still make it home, and ignoring a blinking light.

4:00 pm: The ruse is up.

5:20 pm: I am finally home.

5:25 pm: Takes a nap. It’s been a really bad day.

7:00 pm: Wakes up and decides to write this post, because misery loves company.



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  1. Yikes… I hope not every day is like this. *decides to never go to college ever*

  2. Good to know I’m not the only phone school affects this badly. 🙌

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