The Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award

Thanks to Erin over at The Upstairs Archives for nominating me for this award. YAY. I’m smiling right now. Though no one can tell.


Here are the rules for this!

1) Show the icon on your blog ~ lol, that’s not happening..

2) Answer questions ~ Hai.

4) Make up new questions ~ Hai.

5) Nominate bloggers ~ Hai.

6) and notify them ~ …eh..


Here are the questions ~ And my answers!

1) How many times in a day do you look things up online, on average?

Let’s see, maybe about three times on average. Usually, it’s manga/anime related.


2) What is the strangest thing you have ever said to anyone?

“Actually, I’m asexual.” This happened this past Friday. That is what happens when one is not informed that the birthday lunch they were being treated to was in fact, a date.

In my defense, I was caught off guard and it was the most effective way of saying not interested.


3) Since my dad is having us watch The Avengers and all the movies leading up to them… who’s your favorite Avenger? 😉

Hehehehehe…. I think The Avengers movie was seriously lacking considering all the enthusiasm and energy for it when it came out. In short, it was a disappointment. Sooooo, when thinking about my favorite Avenger…. There is none. Though, Thor is very hawt.


4) Which Avenger are you most like, in your opinion? In your friends’ opinions?

In my opinion, I am Thor. Because he is hawt. And I am hawt, Therefore, we are a match made in heaven.

In my friends’ opinions, I am Ironman. I have yet to find out why.


5) If you had to pick one–just one–fictional character to be caught with in the middle of a natural disaster (or a nuclear war, take your pick) who would you choose?

I’m choosing natural disaster because the person I’d really like to hang out with would be too distracted by a nuclear war to pay enough attention to me. The person is Son Hak aka The Thunder Beast of Kouka. He is fabulous.

HOWEVER, I would also like to choose Jae-Ha because he is fabulous as well.

SO I decided to flip a quarter.

Hak won.


6) Oddest thing you’ve sung in the shower?

“According to You” by Orianthi


7) What is the biggest thing you’ve had malfunction about your account or blog? (Mine is the elusive “like” button which I have often complained about.)



8) Favorite kind of fruit?

Tomato. Those are fruit, right?


9) What book/movie/poem/short story has made the biggest impact on you lately?

I watched all of Itazura na Kiss a few days ago. I have never felt so… numb.


10) And, last but not least, what was the funniest thing you read recently? Please share! 😉


This is for the giggles.


This is for the smexi-ness. My favorite is on the far left. Yes, out of these four. He is my type.

Here are my questions!

1) What was the last thing you ate?

2) Hair, Eyes, Height, or Voice (Which do you look for in males/females)? I’m not including personality, because that’s a given.

3) Avatar: The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra? (FYI, I reject Korra. In my head, it never happened.)

4) Paintball, Airsoft, or Lasertag?

5) Favorite sitting position?

6) If you could choose your birthday date, what would it be?

7) Android or Apple?

8) You just found a dead body on the side of the road, what do you do?

9) You have nine lives. How would you live them?

10) Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Strips?

Here are the nominees!

1) UM, EVERYONE WHO READS THIS. That means you!!!!!!!

P.S. I am now nineteen.

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