Follow Up

So I did in fact meet up with said dude from my previous post.

It went well, I think. Or rather, thought.

He seemed like  avery nice dude and the more we talked, the more he definitely put himself under the “friend” label in my mind. Which kind of made me laugh to myself later. Outrageously hard.

Sure he was pretty good looking, but his personality was so…bland.. and so normal? That’s the best word I can come up with now. To put it more simply, he’s so ordinary that I’d lose him in a crowd even if he was standing right next to me.

I like people with personalities – they don’t need to be crazy or out of this world, they just need to have substance. I feel like I’m not explaining very well, but oh well.

So anyways, we hung out and then we both had to go to class so we went our separate ways.

Then yesterday, he texts me to ask if we could eat lunch together and I reluctantly agree. We had only hung out for less than an hour last time and maybe I had judged too quickly which is a terrible thing to do. Give it another shot, was what I was thinking.

So I did give it another go and boy was I wrong about my first impression about him.

He is anything but boring.

Too bad what I learned about him was far worse than what I had expected. I left thinking, “Oh my god, I’d rather have him boring again!”

To make a long story short, he’s 21 (I was right!), lives alone (far from campus thank goodness), does a lot of artsy stuff, AND IS EXTREMELY PERVERTED.

*sob* It was a terrible lunch time for me.

There was not one sentence that came out of his mouth without some kind of sexual remark or tidbit or look including the extreme wink in my direction. I think I cringed so many times that my spine actually suffered permanent damage.

From obscene jokes about drawing naked people to trying to convince me to make out with another girl, this guy was really going for it. Here’s part of our conversation (and note* I don’t have anything against lesbians and the ones I’ve met are usually fun and stuff, it’s just that I’m not one..)

Him: “You know…lesbians are hot.”

Me: “Uh huh…so?”

Him. “So I was thinking, haven’t you ever thought about it?”

Me: “About what….?”

Him: “You know, doing shit with girls.. I think every girl should try experimenting everything before they decide if they like it or not.”

Me: “Uh no..”

Him: “I have someone in mind if you want.”

Me: “Uh no.”

Him: “If you’re uncomfortable with it, I could stay and watch you know. Someone you at least know with you, would make you feel better right?”

Me: “No.”

Him: “Come on…”


And it just got worse.

As soon as I could, I booked it.

I do not plan on ever hanging out with this person ever again…oh no…I am now going to have to avoid him with all my power. On the super sad note, he has my number *sobs harder* and has a class in the same building at the same time of one of my classes so I might be seeing him repeatedly over the semester. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

This goes to show and further prove the saying, that all that glitters isn’t always gold.


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  1. Oh, wow. Look at you — your year is just starting and you’re already way ahead of the curve in experiencing the horny upperclassman cliche. It’s so classic, it’s almost shoujo. Yay for meeting him in public.

    Now, I’m guessing, you just have to work on quicker exits? I bet you wanted to bail way f*king sooner than u did, right? Now that you’re at a safe distance, I’m thinking you could really entertain yourself with various ways to make a dramatic exit in the future. Things like, “sorry, I’ve got to go. I just remembered I have to give my cat an enema,” or, “i’m sorry, do you hear that? It’s my perv alarm going off. Gotta go.” I mean, if he’s going to lay on hentai lines like, “I’ll stay and watch you make out with a girl, but only ‘cuz I want you to feel comfortable,” which has nothing to do with lesbians and everything to do with het male fantasies, I don’t think at that point that you have to hold back.

    But I’m pretty intolerant like that…

  2. Oops, also meant to say, as to seeing him around school? Maybe what you need for that is a useful mental framework? Like, that guy is so over-the-top ridiculous, you may have to struggle to control your overwhelming desire to giggle uncontrollably when u see him? Barely controlled chortling while walking by or saying hi seems appropriate…

  3. ….Ouch. This sounds like it’ll be painful…I’M SORRY.
    If it makes you feel any better, though, this whole situation sounds like something I’d get myself into… >.> Well, minus giving him my number. I don’t like giving that out very much xD

  4. You know, in someone’s dictionary, SOMEWHERE, I’m certain they could call that harassment. (Block senders. That’s probably easier for you than for me. :-P)

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