Stranger Danger, Right?

So college started for me yesterday and it went pretty well…rather it was super interesting.

I arrived at my campus very early and walked around with some friends from highschool (thank god we ride the same shuttle), stopping to drop one of them off since the rest of us had later classes. We then walked around a bit and ended up in the main center of the campus where I was able to buy some things as well as a bottle of Dr. Pepper – but at extremely ridiculous prices. It’s like they can’t get enough of your money. You just need to be giving more.

And after that, I eventually went to my close which is thankfully nearby! It was Acting and the class went really well!

Of course, it may have to do with the fact that my professor kind of reminds me of J. Michael Tatum..but…

Okay, he reminds me a lot of J. Michael Tatum! The speech patterns are eerily similar and the voice is so…I thought I was watching one of Tatum’s youtube videos.. He’s also a fan of Shakespeare so that didn’t help my case any.

I’m probably going to slip one of these days and call his Tatum. For the whole time I was there, I was sorely tempted to.

And after that, I had my lunch and then went looking for my second class.

Now here comes the Stranger Danger part.

So, it was getting really close to when my class started and I had no clue where to go. I was mega lost and desperately praying that somehow I;d get un-lost. And to top it all, every time I tapped on someone to help me, they either walked away or said “I don’t know”.

Thanks humanity. Y’all are wonderful people.

Eventually, though it got so bad that I promised myself that the next person I asked WOULD help me or DIE. I wasn’t going to miss a class. Nuh uh.

So in pure desperation, I basically jumped the next person walking by. Well, more like grab his wrist and yank him towards me.

My voice came out more high pitched than I’d ever want it to be or admit it to be (that’s how stressed I was). “Can you please help me get to ____???”

“Sure,” he said right away. “I’m heading there actually. Walk with me.”

And so I went.

And that’s when I realized, my guide was a very tall dude (I had to crane my head up to talk to him), broad shoulders, etc etc and was very very attractive.

And also very much older than me. I could tell. Probably 21 or 22 – which isn’t really a lot, but for me, the welp of 18, that’s…no…not now… no..

So I reluctantly pushed down my inner demon to flirt as heck with this guy and carried on with the disappointment that we’d probably never see each other again.

Except… (and I swear this is no coincidence; something obviously wants to destroy my plan of graduating in 3ish years)

When we got to the building, he pulled out his phone and asked me for my number to “talk more and hang out later”.

*sigh* Like a sad-that-I’m-actually-going-to-do-this puppy, I gave it to him.

Fast forward a few hours later, and I’m getting a call from him. To go and hang out somewhere. I went LOL, NOPE. Well, in my head I did. In reality, I lied my ass off and said I was going into another class and couldn’t. Nice, Miko. Good job, right there.

See, in my head, this could be something leading to something else of which I very much do not want. Also, it could simply be gaining a new friend, which I very much DO want. So my head was having an internal debate as to whether I should ever meet this guy again – mainly because I do not know his intentions.

I scream tiny freshmen. As much as I don’t want to – I scream it. And as terrible as it is, freshmen are very often taken advantage of (and I don’t mean just sexually). That is not how I wanted to start my year. So I lied.

But, he did not back down. Oh no. He suggested tomorrow and so I, feeling awful for lying, accepted.

And now it’s tomorrow.

Uh oh.

So here I am, completely not knowing what to do… *sigh*

Had it been any other dude my age, I would totally be cool with hanging out, etc etc. I’m confident with my age group or younger. But guys significantly older than my age – I’m at a complete loss (at least when it comes to situations like these). The confidence is gone and I feel terribly wimpy about it.

But, I have to learn sometime right? Dealing with people that I’m not comfortable with. It comes with the job I’ll be having. So I’m going to suck it up.

Of course, any hanging out is going to be in the MOST public places ever and there will NEVER be any funny business ever. Not while I can actually do something about it…

Gah… someone help me please….


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  1. Sounds pretty nerve-wracking (and exciting). Glad you’re aware how upperclassmen look at frosh girls as fresh meat, especially at this time of year.

    Do you have an “escape excuse”? A time limit for the hanging out? Having too much time free for him makes it easier to be talked into one thing and then another and then finding yourself thinking, “how did i end up here?”

  2. Oh Miko. Into the shenanigans already. *clicks tongue*

  3. I think I might have a stalker, too… my latest blog post details it…

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