Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Chapter 96

I’m doing this review much earlier than I thought, mainly because I found a great wifi spot (^^) and need something to make me smile after having been forced to complete the Think About It online course for college. That stuff was really boring and was basically common sense. (Well…)

But anyway, here I am! Doing this review. (Very short, but oh well) For all those who haven’t read this chapter and are going to read it sometime, I suggest you read it now/catch up to this chapter – because obviously, SPOILERS. However, since I’ve decided that this one time I’ll be posting every single page to the chapter, you can also just read it right now…here…if you’re fine with my interrupting comments.

That is all.


Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Chapter 96


Of course there’s the advertising for season 3 of Black Butler. I am totally going to use this as my next wallpaper background for my phone (as soon as I get bored of what I currently have now).

Who else loves Joker? And/or feels a tiny bit bad at what happened to him? (I wonder how that’s going to play out in the anime…)


Chapter 96: That Butler, Encouragement

Already it’s easy to guess what this chapter is going to be about… Encouragement. At this point, there’s truly only one character that word brings to mind. Sullivan, the witch.

My dislike for this character has been obvious (or at least I think it’s obvious) since the very beginning so I’ll admit that I was pretty excited at this. What would she be encouraged to do? With Ciel’s sort of malicious plans (‘games’) anything can really happen – more likely, something bad.




Anyone else absolutely positive that it’s Diedrich getting information? I’m pretty sure this is Diedrich. Pretty sure…



It’s at this point where my excitement at something possibly bad happening to Sullivan vanishes. I’m actually starting to feel sort of…odd. Maybe pity? Maybe sympathy? Either way, I think Sullivan definitely did not know what she was getting into by letting the strangers stay… But who knows? Maybe nothing too bad will happen to her? I also really want to know what ‘the ultimate magic’ is. It’s been mentioned several times, but I’m not sure as to what it pertains to. What does it do to the werewolves or to the village?


“Even her selfishness is at a royal level”

I’d like to point out that Ciel’s officially back to giving orders like usual which should mean that he’s mentally stable again, however i wouldn’t be too sure… Will he go back to having nightmares like he did way in the past? During the time he and Sebastian had trained to perfect Earl and Butler? Will Sebastian have to stay in the room until Ciel falls asleep – again? I’d find that funny if he did… Sebastian would totally be like “…Back to where we started…” *Major Sigh*

But nah… Ciel’s stronger now…right?


Oh Gawd…tea!





Alright, so is Wolf a werewolf? Because I’ve been thinking that he is…which would make sense considering his name…

Also, I think he looks very sweet in these panels… but in the sweet sad smile sort of way. When I read this the first time, I started to feel sad.

The kind of sad that slowly got worse as I read on…





The pity for Sullivan and Wolf grows intensely.


And finally I feel kind of bad for hating her….but not complete enough to actually wish for nothing bad to happen to her.


Why does Wolf want to keep her there?

I’m also wishing for there to be more backstory on him… I’d really like to learn more about him. As a character, there is substance there but not enough for me. I need more stuff so that I can fully understand his character. He’s drawn very handsomely, but then what… I know he’s way too precise in cooking that he took FOREVER to make a meal.. I know he wants Master Sullivan to never leave.. And I’ve learned that he cares for his master a lot – enough to feel guilt for wrecking her feet.. But what kind of care? Where did he come from? What are his motivations?



If this happened to me – like I saw Ciel and Sebastian outside my window – I’d do either one of two things (or both) depending on what I’d been thinking about prior to them appearing:

-Silently scream in happiness and fling the window open

-Silently scream in horror and throw whatever object near me at the window.

I mean..two dudes…randomly showing up at my window…at night.

I like living…I’m allergic to dying…



BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. “I’m quite interested.” 


The bastards. I’ll say it. Those bastards. I love them, but god do they go in for the kill.. They know that is exactly what this girl dreams of.. and they’re offering it to her on a diamond encrusted plate…ONLY IF SHE ACCEPTS THERE MAY BE SPIKES UNDERNEATH IT.



Ciel looks every inch the manipulative watchdog he is. Props to Yana Toboso for pulling off that perfect seemingly innocent but calculating look. It’s sly and convincing. Sullivan never had a chance…


Ouch…I feel really bad for her now. The big drawn watering eyes totally got to me.


And that’s the end…for now..

I’d usually say I can’t wait for next month’s issue, but this time.. I can kind of wait..



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  1. Wolf will smack a bitch when he realizes she’s gone…I’m just saying…werewolf rampage up in this bitch…

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