Charlie Sheen ALS ice bucket challenge

Anyone else wishing other people would do as Charlie Sheen did?

I’m seeing way too many people pouring ice water on themselves and NOT donating anything, including some of my friends. Yeah, it’s fun and all, but let’s not forget what it’s for.

It is not some new fad or new ‘hip thing to do’ – which is how I keep seeing people treat it.

Suitably Bored

It is a sad state of affairs when Charlie Sheen is the rational oneā€¦

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  1. Yeah. The whole “ice or money” thing is a weird premise — kinda self-defeating from a fundraising point of view. Maybe they thought more ppl. would wimp out and give money, not realizing folks would get so into the ice bucket craze (or maybe just not wanting to look like wimps)?

  2. Wouldn’t it be funny if Charlie Sheen’s money bucket starts a new trend? I mean, will people be embarrassed now to take the ice instead, like to ice themselves would show they’d rather be masochists than hand over some cash?

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