Some Favorite Mangas Of Mine

So the following are screenshots of some of my favorite mangas.

Some are still continuing and some are already finished, however that doesn’t stop me from reading them over and over.

I feel like sharing them, so there. (This also turned out to be shameless advertising for people to read these as well but oh well! I need people to gush with over these anyway!)

*Note: They aren’t arranged in an particular order. AND SHOULD BE READ RIGHT TO LEFT.

Himegoto Asobi

This manga is the sequel to Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi or rather a spin off story to YMKM. While YMKM is also a BIG favorite of mine, it’s not included here for the sole reason that I read Himegoto Asobi first and so I want to share it first.

Both stories are stand alone stories so it’s not necessary to read one before the other (though I’d recommend to read YMKM first to better understand HA), Himegoto Asobi follows the story of the never serious, jerk Tanihara – best friend to priest Ryoumei (the main character of YMKM).

In YMKM, Tanihara is nothing more than a meddling, teasing, complete bother (yet amazingly supportive best friend) to Ryoumei, but in Himegoto Asobi, Tanihara gets a taste of his own medicine when he realizes he’s gone and done what he messed with his friend about. Fall in love. (Oops, Tani.)

While YMKM has a whole lot more humor (the other main character being a surprisingly tough cheeky brat with no regard for personal space), Himegoto Asobi makes up for it plot wise and surprising moments of wisdom as Tanihara slowly becomes more than just someone who’s bored and wants to have fun (which by the way is never a good way to start a relationship).




Kouun no Rihatsushi

Ahhh…there’s so much to say about this one…

Other than having AMAZING art (my current background on my phone), KnR is just sooooo beautifully cute fluff. The story is addicting and the main character is well…perfect.. a little too perfect perhaps (he’s like an adorable puppy!) but still sooo hard to even try to dislike.

The story follows Toudou, a shy young man, who decides to get a haircut to impress the girl he likes. The barber, a slightly older man (though still young), cuts his hair to his liking and tells Toudou to stop looking down and to walk straight as he is a ‘ladykiller’.

Well, Toudou listens and returns to his life as a very gorgeous man, consequently beginning his life as a sought out model and actor. Everyone wants him now…  Except…he’s gone and fallen in love with his barber. And so begins the cuteness!



Chibi version! And totally my background




House Backer

Very short manga that while seems at first to be a yaoi, it really isn’t. It’s funny, simple and makes me smirk every time i read it.

It’s very relaxing and totally makes me wish it was a yaoi.

The author of this manga however, is one of my favorite mangakas and I have read most of her works. I love them all, some more than this one. I have no screenshots of them though so I can’t add them here..


The Last Game

Besides Black Butler, The Last Game is my second favorite manga of all time and one I also follow religiously. (Closely behind is The Liar Game – completely unrelated)

Like Black Butler, I have every chapter on my phone at all times…and I read it the SECOND it comes out. I have yet to get the volumes though…

The Last Game (surprsingly to all of my friends) is not a yaoi. (Haha!!) I don’t only read yaoi people…yeeesh..

Instead, TLG starts off with rich and handsome Yanagi declaring to Kujou that they play “the last game”. Of course, Kujou has no idea what he is talking about and disregards it all.


This is the prologue.

The beginning of the manga actually begins when Yanagi is a kid who has it all. Gets the best marks, the best athletic scores, all the friends he could evee want, the admiration and devotion from all the girls in his class and to top it all, has a father who owns one of the biggest chain of hotels across the country. He is stinking rich and is loving it.

Unfortunately, his happiness is stomped all over by the arrival of a poor, hardworking intelligent girl name Kujou. She beats him in everything academic and he can’t stand that she’s smarter, stronger, and faster than him.

So he tries to beat her using his own brains as she pointed out that, “your father’s successes aren’t your own”. This is their first game.

Fast forward some years and he’s still coming in second to Kujou with no hope of evee being first. That is, until he overhears some guys talking about whoever falls in love first is the loser. Determined to win, he starts ‘the second game’.

Fast forward to college, Yanagi has so far lost the game after realizing it’s he who has hopelessly fallen in love with a girl who didn’t even know what his first name was, despite having been friends since elementary school.

Despite this, he does not give up hope and so cues the prologue and The Last Game begins.


This manga is sooooooooooooo AMAZING AND IS COMPLETE PERFECTION. I can’t express how beautiful it is.

(And for those who are interested, the mangaka has another series (finished) she did prior to The Last Game. It is also very entertaining and I loved it. It’s called Katakoi Triangle)




So that is all for now. I have much more and probably will share them all bit by bit.

Black Butler isn’t included here since that one’s kind of obvious, plus it has an upcoming post all to itself real soon.


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  1. I LOVE KnR. In fact, by chance I just re-read it yesterday. And I’m dying to know when we will get to see more of those two; I guess DP has been busy with other projects. But still, there’s something about the pure, sweet dynamic between them that just makes it such an enjoyable, relaxing, yet hot read.
    Oh, and Himegoto Asobi made my top 25 list, too.

    • ME TOO! I downloaded all the chappies to it and reread them all the time.

      I happen to think Toudou is SUPER hot…and the smut scenes are well.. *whew*! The best part to the manga is while there is smut..the overall plot is so cute and pure, that it almost seems innocent to me for some reason..

      For me, I think DP left everyone at a cliffhanger D: because I really want to know what happens next! If only I could read Japanese….

      And now I have to check out your top 25.. since I’m sure there’s bound to be some of my other favorites there as well!

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