The Sunshine Blog Award II

[There is a photo here, I swear. If you can’t see it, it’s because you’re blind. Too bad..]


Thanks to Erin over at The Upstairs Archives, for nominating me for this award! I love answering questions. A lot. (>^^)>

So here goes!


1) What is your favorite writing spot?

If I say anywhere that is easy to fall asleep at, will it make me look bad?


2) Tea or Coffee?

Tea? Coffee?

Wat are dat?

I only drink healthy stuff. Soda every day.


3) Do you prefer to write in a certain time or in a certain  kind of weather?

I’m finding that I tend to write when I should be doing something else. Almost as if I’m purposefully trying to screw myself over – which I very well may be. We’ll see how college goes this semester.

I do, however, write certain things in certain moods. When I’m angry, I write only humorous things. It might be dark humor or light humor, but it must be funny in some way to me.

When I’m sad, it’s either super fluffy stuff or romance.

And when I’m just blah, happy, serious or whatever else, I tend to write angst – but will do other stuff as well. I dunno why…


4) Do you have a hard time coming up with these questions too?

Sometimes, but not often since I usually have a bunch of questions swimming around in my brain that I want to ask to other bloggers.

Usually, it’s because people reveal more about themselves with questions that aren’t specifically directed at their personalities or about their personal life.

Start with a random question and work from there and eventually you’ll learn sooooo much more than had you just asked something personal from the beginning.

(This might be just a little creepy, I’ll etch that out..)


5) Are there any plants on the deck at the moment? (If so, what kind?)

No… at least I don’t think so. I’d go and check to make sure, but that requires getting up…



1) Someone’s hitchhiking on the road. Would you stop and give them a lift or keep driving?

2) Would you rather have the ability to heal people or the ability to read minds?

3) Im a fighting match between a chinchilla and a turtle, who would win and why?

4) Milkshake or Float?

5) Why do you blog?


Now for the nominations!

1) Matt (Link to his latest post) ((You better do this, mister haven’t-posted-that-much-since-summer-hit)

2) The Malicious Muffin (BECAUSE I SAID SO)

3) Wolfeh-Chan (Cade dies if you don’t. By spontaneous combustion.)

4) Blaze (I’ll throw water on you. Do it.)

*Ish so sad that I is threatening pweople? (No. Ish not.)


And honestly, anyone else who wants to answer these questions can! I know they’re cool. I made them, duuuh. So feel free to answer them on your blog or in the comments below!


Come on…let me know more about you….let me….let me…. 😀


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  1. Miko, you are a shit. I hope you know that.

  2. I’ll do this, but only if you tell the guy you sent over to stop flicking my ear. It’s annoying, and painful, and just very very weird, to be honest.

  3. Actually, I don’t find your answer that was lined out creepy. I find it sort of cool 😛 It’s like Sherlock. ;-P
    And when it comes to writing when one should be doing something else… *heartfelt sigh* I know what you mean.

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