Helpful Hint From Miko II

Sometimes, it’s best to keep yer trap shut.

Regardless of how much you feel like it’s your duty to say something.

Because sometimes it’s just best to stay out of it and not touch the mess even with a ten foot pole. Often times, it’s better to not put your two cents in.


Because instead of stopping drama, ya can cause it to increase to all new levels. And not only that, you basically insert yourself into the center of it.

Which is my case at the moment.

Miko Does A Stupid Thing (Scenario)

Miko’s best friend/non-biological brother R has recently been dating super possesive M.

M has trust issues.

Eventually M promises R that she trusts him and will give him space since her possesiveness is beginning to become a very big nuisance.

Miko does not know this. She only knows M has huge trust issues. And that R has been annoyed because of that, to the point where he can’t hang out with Miko without M going batshit crazy.

M decides to contact Miko in secret and warns Miko about R, making Miko promise not to do anything with R (who is very much like a brother that it’d be super wierd to even think about that). M also makes Miko promise not to tell R.

Miko is puzzled. But also knows that R has been having issues with M and decides that because he is a very very good, close friend, he must become aware of what happened.

Breaking her word, Miko tells R.

R goes on a rage rampage.

R calls M.

Miko is now caught in the middle.

The End (so far).



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  1. This. This happens whenever I enter a disagreement on someone’s blog on controversial issues, especially since I generally take a conservative view of things. People start making ad hominem attacks and calling me intolerant when I’ve done my best to be polite and considerate. It seems to me that these issues can turn even sensible people who are normally the most polite, kind and generous into trolls.

  2. This is why I’m single…

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