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Follow Up

So I did in fact meet up with said dude from my previous post.

It went well, I think. Or rather, thought.

He seemed like  avery nice dude and the more we talked, the more he definitely put himself under the “friend” label in my mind. Which kind of made me laugh to myself later. Outrageously hard.

Sure he was pretty good looking, but his personality was so…bland.. and so normal? That’s the best word I can come up with now. To put it more simply, he’s so ordinary that I’d lose him in a crowd even if he was standing right next to me.

I like people with personalities – they don’t need to be crazy or out of this world, they just need to have substance. I feel like I’m not explaining very well, but oh well.

So anyways, we hung out and then we both had to go to class so we went our separate ways.

Then yesterday, he texts me to ask if we could eat lunch together and I reluctantly agree. We had only hung out for less than an hour last time and maybe I had judged too quickly which is a terrible thing to do. Give it another shot, was what I was thinking.

So I did give it another go and boy was I wrong about my first impression about him.

He is anything but boring.

Too bad what I learned about him was far worse than what I had expected. I left thinking, “Oh my god, I’d rather have him boring again!”

To make a long story short, he’s 21 (I was right!), lives alone (far from campus thank goodness), does a lot of artsy stuff, AND IS EXTREMELY PERVERTED.

*sob* It was a terrible lunch time for me.

There was not one sentence that came out of his mouth without some kind of sexual remark or tidbit or look including the extreme wink in my direction. I think I cringed so many times that my spine actually suffered permanent damage.

From obscene jokes about drawing naked people to trying to convince me to make out with another girl, this guy was really going for it. Here’s part of our conversation (and note* I don’t have anything against lesbians and the ones I’ve met are usually fun and stuff, it’s just that I’m not one..)

Him: “You know…lesbians are hot.”

Me: “Uh huh…so?”

Him. “So I was thinking, haven’t you ever thought about it?”

Me: “About what….?”

Him: “You know, doing shit with girls.. I think every girl should try experimenting everything before they decide if they like it or not.”

Me: “Uh no..”

Him: “I have someone in mind if you want.”

Me: “Uh no.”

Him: “If you’re uncomfortable with it, I could stay and watch you know. Someone you at least know with you, would make you feel better right?”

Me: “No.”

Him: “Come on…”


And it just got worse.

As soon as I could, I booked it.

I do not plan on ever hanging out with this person ever again…oh no…I am now going to have to avoid him with all my power. On the super sad note, he has my number *sobs harder* and has a class in the same building at the same time of one of my classes so I might be seeing him repeatedly over the semester. Nooooooooooooooooooo!

This goes to show and further prove the saying, that all that glitters isn’t always gold.


Stranger Danger, Right?

So college started for me yesterday and it went pretty well…rather it was super interesting.

I arrived at my campus very early and walked around with some friends from highschool (thank god we ride the same shuttle), stopping to drop one of them off since the rest of us had later classes. We then walked around a bit and ended up in the main center of the campus where I was able to buy some things as well as a bottle of Dr. Pepper – but at extremely ridiculous prices. It’s like they can’t get enough of your money. You just need to be giving more.

And after that, I eventually went to my close which is thankfully nearby! It was Acting and the class went really well!

Of course, it may have to do with the fact that my professor kind of reminds me of J. Michael Tatum..but…

Okay, he reminds me a lot of J. Michael Tatum! The speech patterns are eerily similar and the voice is so…I thought I was watching one of Tatum’s youtube videos.. He’s also a fan of Shakespeare so that didn’t help my case any.

I’m probably going to slip one of these days and call his Tatum. For the whole time I was there, I was sorely tempted to.

And after that, I had my lunch and then went looking for my second class.

Now here comes the Stranger Danger part.

So, it was getting really close to when my class started and I had no clue where to go. I was mega lost and desperately praying that somehow I;d get un-lost. And to top it all, every time I tapped on someone to help me, they either walked away or said “I don’t know”.

Thanks humanity. Y’all are wonderful people.

Eventually, though it got so bad that I promised myself that the next person I asked WOULD help me or DIE. I wasn’t going to miss a class. Nuh uh.

So in pure desperation, I basically jumped the next person walking by. Well, more like grab his wrist and yank him towards me.

My voice came out more high pitched than I’d ever want it to be or admit it to be (that’s how stressed I was). “Can you please help me get to ____???”

“Sure,” he said right away. “I’m heading there actually. Walk with me.”

And so I went.

And that’s when I realized, my guide was a very tall dude (I had to crane my head up to talk to him), broad shoulders, etc etc and was very very attractive.

And also very much older than me. I could tell. Probably 21 or 22 – which isn’t really a lot, but for me, the welp of 18, that’s…no…not now… no..

So I reluctantly pushed down my inner demon to flirt as heck with this guy and carried on with the disappointment that we’d probably never see each other again.

Except… (and I swear this is no coincidence; something obviously wants to destroy my plan of graduating in 3ish years)

When we got to the building, he pulled out his phone and asked me for my number to “talk more and hang out later”.

*sigh* Like a sad-that-I’m-actually-going-to-do-this puppy, I gave it to him.

Fast forward a few hours later, and I’m getting a call from him. To go and hang out somewhere. I went LOL, NOPE. Well, in my head I did. In reality, I lied my ass off and said I was going into another class and couldn’t. Nice, Miko. Good job, right there.

See, in my head, this could be something leading to something else of which I very much do not want. Also, it could simply be gaining a new friend, which I very much DO want. So my head was having an internal debate as to whether I should ever meet this guy again – mainly because I do not know his intentions.

I scream tiny freshmen. As much as I don’t want to – I scream it. And as terrible as it is, freshmen are very often taken advantage of (and I don’t mean just sexually). That is not how I wanted to start my year. So I lied.

But, he did not back down. Oh no. He suggested tomorrow and so I, feeling awful for lying, accepted.

And now it’s tomorrow.

Uh oh.

So here I am, completely not knowing what to do… *sigh*

Had it been any other dude my age, I would totally be cool with hanging out, etc etc. I’m confident with my age group or younger. But guys significantly older than my age – I’m at a complete loss (at least when it comes to situations like these). The confidence is gone and I feel terribly wimpy about it.

But, I have to learn sometime right? Dealing with people that I’m not comfortable with. It comes with the job I’ll be having. So I’m going to suck it up.

Of course, any hanging out is going to be in the MOST public places ever and there will NEVER be any funny business ever. Not while I can actually do something about it…

Gah… someone help me please….

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Chapter 96

I’m doing this review much earlier than I thought, mainly because I found a great wifi spot (^^) and need something to make me smile after having been forced to complete the Think About It online course for college. That stuff was really boring and was basically common sense. (Well…)

But anyway, here I am! Doing this review. (Very short, but oh well) For all those who haven’t read this chapter and are going to read it sometime, I suggest you read it now/catch up to this chapter – because obviously, SPOILERS. However, since I’ve decided that this one time I’ll be posting every single page to the chapter, you can also just read it right now…here…if you’re fine with my interrupting comments.

That is all.


Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Chapter 96


Of course there’s the advertising for season 3 of Black Butler. I am totally going to use this as my next wallpaper background for my phone (as soon as I get bored of what I currently have now).

Who else loves Joker? And/or feels a tiny bit bad at what happened to him? (I wonder how that’s going to play out in the anime…)


Chapter 96: That Butler, Encouragement

Already it’s easy to guess what this chapter is going to be about… Encouragement. At this point, there’s truly only one character that word brings to mind. Sullivan, the witch.

My dislike for this character has been obvious (or at least I think it’s obvious) since the very beginning so I’ll admit that I was pretty excited at this. What would she be encouraged to do? With Ciel’s sort of malicious plans (‘games’) anything can really happen – more likely, something bad.




Anyone else absolutely positive that it’s Diedrich getting information? I’m pretty sure this is Diedrich. Pretty sure…



It’s at this point where my excitement at something possibly bad happening to Sullivan vanishes. I’m actually starting to feel sort of…odd. Maybe pity? Maybe sympathy? Either way, I think Sullivan definitely did not know what she was getting into by letting the strangers stay… But who knows? Maybe nothing too bad will happen to her? I also really want to know what ‘the ultimate magic’ is. It’s been mentioned several times, but I’m not sure as to what it pertains to. What does it do to the werewolves or to the village?


“Even her selfishness is at a royal level”

I’d like to point out that Ciel’s officially back to giving orders like usual which should mean that he’s mentally stable again, however i wouldn’t be too sure… Will he go back to having nightmares like he did way in the past? During the time he and Sebastian had trained to perfect Earl and Butler? Will Sebastian have to stay in the room until Ciel falls asleep – again? I’d find that funny if he did… Sebastian would totally be like “…Back to where we started…” *Major Sigh*

But nah… Ciel’s stronger now…right?


Oh Gawd…tea!





Alright, so is Wolf a werewolf? Because I’ve been thinking that he is…which would make sense considering his name…

Also, I think he looks very sweet in these panels… but in the sweet sad smile sort of way. When I read this the first time, I started to feel sad.

The kind of sad that slowly got worse as I read on…





The pity for Sullivan and Wolf grows intensely.


And finally I feel kind of bad for hating her….but not complete enough to actually wish for nothing bad to happen to her.


Why does Wolf want to keep her there?

I’m also wishing for there to be more backstory on him… I’d really like to learn more about him. As a character, there is substance there but not enough for me. I need more stuff so that I can fully understand his character. He’s drawn very handsomely, but then what… I know he’s way too precise in cooking that he took FOREVER to make a meal.. I know he wants Master Sullivan to never leave.. And I’ve learned that he cares for his master a lot – enough to feel guilt for wrecking her feet.. But what kind of care? Where did he come from? What are his motivations?



If this happened to me – like I saw Ciel and Sebastian outside my window – I’d do either one of two things (or both) depending on what I’d been thinking about prior to them appearing:

-Silently scream in happiness and fling the window open

-Silently scream in horror and throw whatever object near me at the window.

I mean..two dudes…randomly showing up at my window…at night.

I like living…I’m allergic to dying…



BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. “I’m quite interested.” 


The bastards. I’ll say it. Those bastards. I love them, but god do they go in for the kill.. They know that is exactly what this girl dreams of.. and they’re offering it to her on a diamond encrusted plate…ONLY IF SHE ACCEPTS THERE MAY BE SPIKES UNDERNEATH IT.



Ciel looks every inch the manipulative watchdog he is. Props to Yana Toboso for pulling off that perfect seemingly innocent but calculating look. It’s sly and convincing. Sullivan never had a chance…


Ouch…I feel really bad for her now. The big drawn watering eyes totally got to me.


And that’s the end…for now..

I’d usually say I can’t wait for next month’s issue, but this time.. I can kind of wait..



I found the following things on Facaebook concerning the incidents in Ferguson as well.

I was going to write a lengthier post about it, however the following status thing explains my whole feelings towards the issue in a more concise manner.

It’s short, simple, and to the point.



Following this, I have a video to share concerning what police officers have to face all the time and the countless sacrifices they have had to make.

I believe police officers are to be respected for all that they go through and while there happen to be some bad ones out there from time to time, that doesn’t disregard the rest of the police force who a lot of times give up their lives so that others can live and be safe.


Charlie Sheen ALS ice bucket challenge

Anyone else wishing other people would do as Charlie Sheen did?

I’m seeing way too many people pouring ice water on themselves and NOT donating anything, including some of my friends. Yeah, it’s fun and all, but let’s not forget what it’s for.

It is not some new fad or new ‘hip thing to do’ – which is how I keep seeing people treat it.

Suitably Bored

It is a sad state of affairs when Charlie Sheen is the rational one…

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Some Favorite Mangas Of Mine

So the following are screenshots of some of my favorite mangas.

Some are still continuing and some are already finished, however that doesn’t stop me from reading them over and over.

I feel like sharing them, so there. (This also turned out to be shameless advertising for people to read these as well but oh well! I need people to gush with over these anyway!)

*Note: They aren’t arranged in an particular order. AND SHOULD BE READ RIGHT TO LEFT.

Himegoto Asobi

This manga is the sequel to Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi or rather a spin off story to YMKM. While YMKM is also a BIG favorite of mine, it’s not included here for the sole reason that I read Himegoto Asobi first and so I want to share it first.

Both stories are stand alone stories so it’s not necessary to read one before the other (though I’d recommend to read YMKM first to better understand HA), Himegoto Asobi follows the story of the never serious, jerk Tanihara – best friend to priest Ryoumei (the main character of YMKM).

In YMKM, Tanihara is nothing more than a meddling, teasing, complete bother (yet amazingly supportive best friend) to Ryoumei, but in Himegoto Asobi, Tanihara gets a taste of his own medicine when he realizes he’s gone and done what he messed with his friend about. Fall in love. (Oops, Tani.)

While YMKM has a whole lot more humor (the other main character being a surprisingly tough cheeky brat with no regard for personal space), Himegoto Asobi makes up for it plot wise and surprising moments of wisdom as Tanihara slowly becomes more than just someone who’s bored and wants to have fun (which by the way is never a good way to start a relationship).




Kouun no Rihatsushi

Ahhh…there’s so much to say about this one…

Other than having AMAZING art (my current background on my phone), KnR is just sooooo beautifully cute fluff. The story is addicting and the main character is well…perfect.. a little too perfect perhaps (he’s like an adorable puppy!) but still sooo hard to even try to dislike.

The story follows Toudou, a shy young man, who decides to get a haircut to impress the girl he likes. The barber, a slightly older man (though still young), cuts his hair to his liking and tells Toudou to stop looking down and to walk straight as he is a ‘ladykiller’.

Well, Toudou listens and returns to his life as a very gorgeous man, consequently beginning his life as a sought out model and actor. Everyone wants him now…  Except…he’s gone and fallen in love with his barber. And so begins the cuteness!



Chibi version! And totally my background




House Backer

Very short manga that while seems at first to be a yaoi, it really isn’t. It’s funny, simple and makes me smirk every time i read it.

It’s very relaxing and totally makes me wish it was a yaoi.

The author of this manga however, is one of my favorite mangakas and I have read most of her works. I love them all, some more than this one. I have no screenshots of them though so I can’t add them here..


The Last Game

Besides Black Butler, The Last Game is my second favorite manga of all time and one I also follow religiously. (Closely behind is The Liar Game – completely unrelated)

Like Black Butler, I have every chapter on my phone at all times…and I read it the SECOND it comes out. I have yet to get the volumes though…

The Last Game (surprsingly to all of my friends) is not a yaoi. (Haha!!) I don’t only read yaoi people…yeeesh..

Instead, TLG starts off with rich and handsome Yanagi declaring to Kujou that they play “the last game”. Of course, Kujou has no idea what he is talking about and disregards it all.


This is the prologue.

The beginning of the manga actually begins when Yanagi is a kid who has it all. Gets the best marks, the best athletic scores, all the friends he could evee want, the admiration and devotion from all the girls in his class and to top it all, has a father who owns one of the biggest chain of hotels across the country. He is stinking rich and is loving it.

Unfortunately, his happiness is stomped all over by the arrival of a poor, hardworking intelligent girl name Kujou. She beats him in everything academic and he can’t stand that she’s smarter, stronger, and faster than him.

So he tries to beat her using his own brains as she pointed out that, “your father’s successes aren’t your own”. This is their first game.

Fast forward some years and he’s still coming in second to Kujou with no hope of evee being first. That is, until he overhears some guys talking about whoever falls in love first is the loser. Determined to win, he starts ‘the second game’.

Fast forward to college, Yanagi has so far lost the game after realizing it’s he who has hopelessly fallen in love with a girl who didn’t even know what his first name was, despite having been friends since elementary school.

Despite this, he does not give up hope and so cues the prologue and The Last Game begins.


This manga is sooooooooooooo AMAZING AND IS COMPLETE PERFECTION. I can’t express how beautiful it is.

(And for those who are interested, the mangaka has another series (finished) she did prior to The Last Game. It is also very entertaining and I loved it. It’s called Katakoi Triangle)




So that is all for now. I have much more and probably will share them all bit by bit.

Black Butler isn’t included here since that one’s kind of obvious, plus it has an upcoming post all to itself real soon.

Soooooooooo new Black Butler Chapter today… CIEL YOU MANIPULATIVE S.O.B!!!!

(Review to come ^^)