Helpful Hint From Miko

When going to the Dentists for a tooth extraction or something of the sort, make sure to ask for the anasthetic GEL prior to the needle.

Usually, they go straight away with the needle and that is just pure agony. Believe me, I know.

So make sure to ask for the gel. They will use it swab around the area and numb it so that WHEN they put in the needle, you don’t feel as much AKA you don’t hurt as bad.

That’s my helpful hint of the day.

BTW, I had a tooth extracted.

Super sad face.

However, I did not cry. There was a lot of clenching hands into fists and a lot of trembling, but I did not cry. Not one tear was spilled, guys. I am so freaking happy. Even as they yanked and shoved and had their hands all in my mouth, I held my pride. Thank God. Because while the stuff they give you numbs you from most of the pain, it only numbs a small section. You still feel them moving shit around..and when they start pulling…God..

When it was happening to me, I had a brief flashback to watching Saw 7 where that one guy had to pull out his own teeth..  that didn’t help me one bit.

But, anyways, I’ve been having a lazy day today. Eating nothing but liquids and watching BGT all day. Also, texting the lovely Wolfeh ^^ who has no idea how much she kept me from focusing on my aching jaw.

So thank you!

P.S. One of our cows died. We found it’s baby still sucking milk from it’s dead body. That was a level of sadness that I did not want to reach today. No, no.


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  1. You didn’t tell me the cow died! The hell?!

  2. theMaliciousMuffin

    Haha, i had my tooth extracted like a month back for my braces. The dentist actually botched the anesthetic thing and ended up giving me much more than i needed. So long story short, If you punched me square in the jaw any day that week, i wouldn’t feel crap till the weekend. Then, it hurt. Oh, it did.

  3. I had my wisdom teeth pulled. *makes horrible face* Of course, I was unconscious for most of it, but afterwards… *groans*
    That poor calf! :’-( So tragic.

    • Errrggggh… I can just imagine that. Thankfully you were drugged out though. I haven’t had my wisdom teeth pulled out but that’s ‘cos I don’t have any.

      • Wow, lucky you. My mouth was just too small for them… *sigh* It did help, though, that I happened to be reading fanfiction that day, and found a story someone wrote that involved a certain young Jedi’s growing pains… *cough* Obi-Wan had gotten his wisdom teeth “extracted” too and was not too happy about it. šŸ˜› It was a bit comforting, but I was also sadistically happy that I wasn’t the only one suffering grief over this. šŸ˜›

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