The Second of Many Slaps To The Face From College And Other Stuff

Quite unexpectedly, college has ripped me a SECOND new one, with yours truly still haven’t technically started yet.

Wow. That’s really all I can say.

But, perhaps, I am partly to blame for this one. (Well….okay, mostly to blame…)

A bit ago, I had talked about my Math Placement tests and the struggle that was, however just today I’ve come to the conclusion that THAT was all for nothing.









I am going in to college for a Criminology major. In order to get that major I need ONE math class in which it has to be one of a certain handfull of maths. For certain maths, you need to take a placement test to be ABLE to take that class. So I did, already knowing that if I simply decided to take Quantitative Reasoning, I wouldn’t have to test since it doesn’t require any.

Why did I do this and blatantly ignore that one math class?

Because I figured I’d be stuck in such a simple class that it wouldn’t even be in the slightest bit challenging whatsoever. And I can’t deal with the thought of that because I already kmow the outcome: I’d be sleeping all year.

In more blunt terms, I’d be forking over $$$ to sleep.

That sounded stupid to me so I took my placement tests to get into something higher. And I do qualify for a bunch of higher classes (if I take it again, I can have even more options). So that’s good right?

Not exactly as I’m realizing.

The higher level classes that freshman can take are mostly INTRO classes. Intro to Calculus&Bus, Intro to Probability, Intro to etc etc.

Now why would I take an introductionary class when I am not going to be continuing math since I only need one? It doesn’t make much sense does it…

So that leaves me with *drumroll please*

Quantitative Reasoning!

A class that, after reading more thoroughly the packets that us Criminology B.S. majors were given, is more essential to us than calculus..


That stress of placement testing was all for naught AS I DIDN’T FREAKING NEED IT. WTF. I AM SO DUMB. GRRRRRRRRRRR.

So the ending result is that I am going to pay to sleep. But it’s whatever now, since I’m thinking about leaving math for this coming summer and filling the gap with another class that I can’t take in the summer.

Now why am I planning for summer 2015 classes already? Because like I said, I want to graduate a year early. My reasons for doing so will be a post all to itself sometime in the future. So that’s my plan so far.

And in case anyone’s curious as to my scheduled classes so far, here it is!

– Theater/Acting I: 3 credits (My art general requirement. Sure I could taking drawing shit but…I feel like this might be better for me and more beneficial for my career.. At the very least, I’ll be forced to improve speaking skills and whatnot.)

– IT: 3 credits (My IT general requirement. It was recommendes so why not.)

– Introduction to Criminal Justice : 3 credits (My first actual course towards my major!!)


– Elementary Japanese: 6 credits.

That’s right, I’m going to try to learn Japanese! I am so excited, despite the 6 credits blocking up a potential other class (12-18 credits allowed per semester, however while 15 is average, above it costs extra). I don’t even care that it’s like over a 2 hour class that I’l have three times a week. I am so happy!

Of course, my parents are like WTF, you are wasting money!!

Well, yeah I am. (B.S.’s don’t have language requirements so it’s not necessary at all) But I don’t mind. For me, it’s worth it. I’ll know three languages (being trilingual is a GOOD thing) and they’ll all be languages I actually like.

And….I’ll be able to read manga RAW. *extreme happy face* I’ll admit, I am not thinking logically here.

But I am happy. So there.


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  1. I wanted to learn French. (I speak Latin, and a little Spanish, but it’s not as good as my Latin.) And I totally understand–I may do something with performing arts, though it’s not necessary for my major. (And apparently I need to provide a proof of immunity to measles to enroll for classes… -_- )

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