The First of Many Slaps To The Face From College

Recently, I attended my college two-day orientation and while it was fun there were a few downers as well.

One being, finding out the exact cost of my semester after registering for classes. Let’s just leave it at “it was not pretty and my heart broke into tiny pieces after seeing the figures”.

And two being, that while I am certainly more prepared than others for the vigorous academic courses, I still was caught by surprise by a few things.

Like for example, the math placement tests.

I am very good at math. Really, really good. It’s one of the few subjects that I can actually be proud of.

Picture a cat that never gets it’s own toy due to other cats always coming first. Then picture him getting the ultimate, one of a kind, designed only for him rubber mouse toy. There’s no way he’s not flaunting that shit in the other cats’ faces. I am that cat. Who can blame me.

I’ve never had to study for math. In fact, most of the time I spent my time sleeping, playing on my phone, or writing on my laptop (doing other homework, usually English, for other classes) in the midst of all my classmates writing down the notes or doing assignments. I’ve only ever needed to see an equation done once. And BAM it’s locked into my mind. I, personally, think it’s very fair since when it comes to Biology (or any science for that matter) I look like a cat caught in a ball of yarn. Adorably idiotic. (What’s with cat metaphors?)

Seriously. Numbers make sense. How the lungs work and which muscles contract when we breath in or out  do not. I swear I don’t even know how I passed my IB exam. I didn’t even really study since well, even with studying I was a goner. Thankfully those exams consisted of writing and more writing. I may not know what I’m talking about, but I sure as heck have the skills to sound like I know what I’m talking about.

But back to the math test thing.

I am very good at math.

However, I have ONE weakness in the subject. And that has ALWAYS been inequalities. Like the equations involving them. For some reason, the rules and such don’t like to stick in my head.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m FREAKING GREAT AT ALGEBRA. But, put this > in an equation and it’s like being in science class.

It’s not like I can never get them right, because I can. Give me awhile and a few tries or better yet show me how to do it ONCE and I’m FINE. For a month.

Come back to me a month later, show me the same problem, and it’s like you’re showing me something written in alien. It’s gone.

It’s like my brain immediately dumps that information out my ears as soon as it’s no longer necessary. Every freaking time! It’s usually something that’s reviewed at the beginning of each year and so I have to re-learn this everytime since it doesn’t want to stay in my head. This doesn’t happen with other math stuff, just inequalities. So usually, I’m fine since when does inequalities appear anywhere, right?

I took my IB Math exams and even then inequalities didn’t show up. I breezed through my exams and was soooo close to scoring a 7! A SEVEN PEOPLE. I all about danced through my derivatives.

No inequalities or a stupid number line. IN THE IB EXAMS.

So tell me why, the Alg 2 Math Placement Test consisted PURELY OF INEQUALITIES. There were about 3 questions that weren’t.

I got four correct. See how messed up that is?!

First off, I was slightly pissed that the moderators in the room didn’t tell EVERYONE that we were allowed to use calculators on the computers. For the basic algebra and algebra 1 test, I had been doing everything BY HAND on paper with a pen. Mind you, these tests were timed and I was cutting it real close each time.

Only when the person next to me had finished (you keep going till you fail a test), was I informed that I could use the computer calculator. I was very glum, but relieved after that.

And then going on to my next test, only a tiny bit happier at having a calculator, I discover that almost every question involves inequalities. I saw red. I know for a fact that Algebra 2 involved much more than inequalities so how could the test be solely that?!

I had passed my SOL two years ago with only about two questions short of a perfect score. (Guess what kind of questions they were.) And here I was, flunking my placement tests. Screw you college, screw you.

And I had been so looking forward to the transcendentals test. But since I couldn’t get pass the ALG 2 exam, I was immediately exited from the testing screen and had to log out from the site.


So yeah, College has effectively ripped me a new one. And I haven’t even technically started yet.


Fortunately, I get a retry. And y’all better believe I am going in prepared to smack this inequality poop down!

Though I wouldn’t be surprised that when I come back, it’ll be something completely different and won’t involve inequalities. If that happens, I’m calling bullshit on these placement exams. ARGH.


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  1. Ah, inequalities. They’re the worst. Well, second worst. The worst thing about math (for me) was the entire geometry course. I took geometry in ninth grade and I couldn’t stand it. Too many triangles! And then there were triangles within triangles (within even more triangles!) and it figuratively drove me up a wall.

    Oh, and college sounds fantastic, by the way. *nods sarcastically* If the tuition fees are too high, just remember that the food there is free, (sometimes), so it’s all worth it.

    • Ya know… I can remember all the rules and formulas for triangles but I can’t remember a damn thing about inequalities. And Geometry was years ago! How messed up is that?!

      And the number line involved with inequlities drives ME UP A WALL. I know it’s supposed to be the most easy and basic concept to handle but I just can’t get it!

      Oh it’s downright peachy. I can’t wait till I get to blog all about it.

      And WHAT STATE ARE YOU LIVING IN?????! SHOULD I HAVE APPLIED THERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!


      Tuition is nothing compared to board and food costs!! EVERYTHING MUST BE PAYED FOR. EVEN PARKING PERMITS. (Fortunately there’s a free shuttle. Screw bringing my car to the campus. I’m not paying hundreds EACH SEMESTER just to park my car nearby. My feet work fine enough.)

      Thank god I’m commuting/living at home or otherwise I’d slap the handcuffs on myself for slavery for the next decade to ATTEMPT to pay off the debt.

      *angry and desperate sob*

  2. theMaliciousMuffin

    wow, the coincidence is uncanny. I’m sitting here, right now, in my jeans, about to go for my college orientation. No kidding. I’ll probably post about it, or about the first day of college (on Monday) or something.
    Oh and BTW, i’m completely the opposite of you when it comes to the topic at hand, maths just doesn’t seep through my skull, but i’m pretty much a genius when it comes to biology, if i can say so myself. Good luck with college, and thanks for sharing!

    • Have fun then! (Though that is soooo weird :O!!) Do post though, I wanna hear all about it. I need someone to weep and tell my tales of woo to.


      I’m jealous. I’m a dunce when it comes to science. I even had a bit of trouble with EARTH SCIENCE. -_____-

      Good luck to you as well! Ans you better share your experiences as well!

  3. …Well ew. I’d probably get some score that was not so great, but well enough to pass in math AND in science. I’m terrible in both subjects. The only thing I’ve ever been good at is history and literature. AND THOSE ARE THE ONES WHERE YOU HAVE TO WRITE EVERY WEEK! Gosh does it get tiring but hey, at least it makes sense…
    But I’m sorry about the whole placement testing thing. That sounds awful. When do you get to re-try?

    • History :O?? I’m average in that lol. I get good grades with only a bit more effort neefed. But you’re good at it :D! You sound like my friend! She’s obsessed with it though so yeah…

      Anytime I think lol, but I figure not to xD

  4. I feel your pain! I’m good at math, and geometry, but proofs are horrible, and when it gets into calculus I’m wondering “what are we talking about here?!” Anyway, my amazing ACT scores jumped me straight out of the lower introductory course and into the next level up, which, I had hoped, would be the only one I’d have to take… and I spent most of the time in class finishing the problems before everyone else, scoring very high on tests and exams, and writing Star Wars fanfics because I was bored. And then, after acing the course, I find out that apparently I need ANOTHER math credit thanks to the fact that I didn’t understand what I had read in the paperwork!
    Oh well. Maybe the program in the university I’m switching to won’t require me to take ANOTHER course as well. (I’m getting my degree in English and Communications, mostly because that offers more openings than a simple English degree.) And we can finally get down into the nitty-gritty.

    • In the one year of college experience I’ve had, I’ve never had a grade lower than a B. I never had to drop any classes, and C’s are just not enough for me. (I don’t know why this is. Maybe I’m just an overachiever?)

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