Miko’s Favorite Songs I

Alright, I know that I’m pretty bad when it comes to the favorites thing, mostly because I never really wanna answer any of those questions and such. However, I do have some favorites when it comes to music and for some reason, I feel like sharing them at this very moment. Maybe it’s because my recent posts have been dark (cough cough) and I feel like I should lighten up my blog somehow or maybe because I just really want to push some of this stuff onto other people so that more people can be like me…

I’m content with either reason for doing this so I guess it doesn’t really matter what the motivation is as long as everyone enjoys, right?

Anyways, this is not known to you all (well, maybe ONE of you know), but I am a lover of musicals and plays and so my iPod is very much filled with soundtracks to a variety of plays. And while I love every one of them, there is one in particular that I TRULY LOVE AND IS MY FAVS OF ALL TIME.

And that is The Count of Monte Cristo musical*. But, let’s not get mixed up here. I want to clarify that I am obsessed with the musical  written by Jack Murphy and music by Frank Wildhorn. Not the movie

So the soundtrack I’m in love with is NOT the one starring Ed Sheamur. (That’s apparently the popular one…I dunno why. It’s not nearly as good as the musical.)

I love the one starring Thomas Borchert. He is bloody fantastic and his voice (him being German and all) is one of the most passionate I’ve ever heard!

And while I could go on and on about how amazing the musical soundtrack is, I think it’s better to just show the awesomeness rather than just trying to describe it. So here it is, guys.

My absolute favorite songs from my absolute favorite musical (The numbers are the order in which they should be heard):

*I realize that more likely than not, majority of people who read this have probably not read the book by Alexandre Dumas (guy who wrote Three Musketeers) and so have no clue what The Count of Monte Cristo musical would even be about (and so likely won’t understand the songs at all)…so I’ve provided a link to the wikipedia page about the Book (I LOVE IT) and a wikipedia link to the musical since the musical is a bit different from the actual story in the book.




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