Dang it



I wanted to be first….D:

But *shakes hand reluctantly anyways*

BUT, I thought I’d go ahead and say I LUUUUURRRRVVVV you too :3 And say you are one of my most favoritest people on WordPress and I always look forward to reading whatever you have to say!

SO NEVER STOP WRITING/ POSTING OR I’LL HAVE TO START STALKING YOU O-O Then you’ll never be able to stalk Matty Boy again…so then I’ll have to do it…and I’m probably not as interesting a stalker as you, so yeah. That should be good enough of a reason.

And to my lovely WordPress followers who may be beginning to debate my alive-ness, I’M ALIVE! And I’m working on a post as we speak. Which will probably end up being posted on like, Wednesday. But I LOVE YOU GUYS and I’m not dead, and I shall post eventually.


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  1. I stalk my best friend… or does she stalk me? I forget… 😛

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