My Phone

In response to Blaze’s post.

So recently, I got a new phone again. And now while I’m pretty sure majority of people would be excited, I at first was not so pleased about the idea.

I’m sure I looked odd to all the employees at the T-Mobile store. I was arguing with my mom who was very admant on buying me the phone. Eventually I gave in though.

The reason why I hate getting new phones (and it happens way too often) is that I have sooo much on my phone that has to be downloaded to the phone and can’t be transferred from the old phone. Pictures, songs, and some apps are fine, but my most important stuff take forever and all of my 4g data for the month.

Anyways, I had to re-download all 93 chapters of Black Butler, 20-something of Last Game, every chapter of Himegoto Asobi, etc etc and countless Fanfics and had to set up every app that’s not from the GooglePlay store…

First world problems! (My bad…)

But actually, the whole point of this post was to show Blaze what’s on my phone 😀 I just tend to get carried away…


My Home Screen (Guess Who I Ship)


My Lock Screen


My Text Messaging Screen

I make sure to put these things on every phone I get.. Every phone must always have these wallpapers.

(And now everyone gets a peek of my texts!)


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  1. When I saw the first picture I was like, “Whoa, dude, what’s going on here?” and then I saw the rest and was like, “Oh, okay, that makes sense now.”
    Is that Naruto? It looks like Naruto.
    XD Sebastian doesn’t look too pleased. What your profile picture for the texting?
    You have Wattpad? Same here!
    Awesome wallpaper!

    • Yeah… I totally ship Sebastian and Claude! (SebbyClaude<3)

      And noooope, not Naruto. It's SaitouxSano from Rurouni Kenshin.

      And the galaxy phones allow for you to choose your own separate wallpaper for your texting screen. Like when you go to text people, usually it's just a light blue background or something plain, but the newer phones let you pick instead.

      And yeah I do lol. Mainly to follow other writera of which currently I'm only obsessed with one XD

      And thanks!! You've got some pretty cool ones too

      • XD
        Ah. Ok.
        That’s cool! iPhones don’t have that feature.
        I soooo many books that I’m reading on Wattpad, and soooo many unfinished ones that I’m writing. My user name is the same there as it is here.
        Thank you!

  2. After pulling an all-nighter, doing nothing but role playing, these pictures made me smile…

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