Stabby, Stabby, Stabby

So this was first shared to me by a friend who upon being asked what Game of Thrones was all about, laughed and pulled out his phone.

After all that, I was kind of being convinced to start watching the show, but then I realized (after reading reviews everywhere and hearing my friends and teachers talk about it) that there is a whole lot of character death going on the show.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with character death, but when it’s happening “about every 3-4 episodes” (according to a friend), I become very wary. If I know I’m going to go on the feels train a million times, why get near the station at all? Right? Why willingly do that to yourself?

When I hear character death, the first thing that pops into my mind is Father Fujimoto in Blue Exorcist. And I totally back away.


Because in ONE episode, I was MADE to LOVE a character. In fact, from everyone I’ve showed the show to or who’ve seen it, they all agree that it doesn’t take more than ten minutes to love this character. The way Shiro is presented, it instantly makes you connect with him. And then…And then…And then….

The bastards killed him off in the second episode. What the fuck.

I felt that one so hard, I had to take a break. Everyone I’ve talked to agree that it was such steamroller move. A semi just ran over your heart. Father Fujimoto was ripped away from everyone. And boy did it make me depressed for DAYS.

So. Now whenever I hear character death (HEAVY character death), I question whether I should watch it or not.

But, anyways, I’d just like to show everyone a video where Peter Dinklage sums up Game Of Thrones in 45 seconds. And for those who do watch Game Of Thrones, is he right?


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  1. The death rate of Game of Thrones is a bit exaggerated, I’d say, but there’s still a lot more death than most shows would dare include. It just feels like there’s more of it because the “good guys” are actually more likely to die than the “bad guys,” which is unusual, though it keeps you on your toes.

    I’d think you’d love the show, because ice zombies! Dragons! Murdering shadow babies! What’s not to love?

    Ps: Every character is morally ambiguous, and I think that’s cool.

    • Actually, good guys dying are very common for me…which is like why I try to shield myself XD

      Wait. Murdering shadow babies??? *trys not to sound interested*

      P.s.s. I’ll watch one season (?) of G of T if you will either watch one season of Black Butler, Blue Exorcist, or Shiki.

      Black Butler: Action, drama, humor, and more action, demon butler being the sexiest thing that’s not real, angst, angel, and everything awesome

      Blue Exorcist: HUMOR, school life, demons, and exorcists, action, death, angst, and bending of morals.

      Shiki: pyschological, horror, vampires, unethical actions/decisions/bending of morals, and protagonists are the antagonists (yes, very confusing).

  2. Oh and yes, that video was 100% accurate

  3. WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU BRING UP FATHER FUJIMOTO!?!?!?!?! God….that’s not even okay….

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