Miko’s Pre-Graduation List

 I am graduating next week and this therefore is my last week of high school. But, before I graduate I’d like to do a number of things to enjoy/survive/celebrate my last days as a highschool student. However, I very much know that I will not do all of them. And as sad as it is, I’m pretty sure that after I walk across the stage, go home, and party there are going to be a pile of things I wish I could go back and do.

There will definitely be regrets and that’s okay. I’m fine with that. Because at the end of the day, all a person can really hope for is to end with the right regrets. That’s pretty much the only way to fully live life.

And so because of this, I’m putting up my list of things I will do and/or hope to do before next week and some predictions as well. Afterwards, I’ll maybe talk about the things I didn’t do – aka the regrets I’ll have. So here goes.


My Pre-Graduation List


1) I am probably going to crawl across the stage. Either literally or metaphorically.

2) I am tempted to key someone’s car. But that would be highly immature of me so I’m not sure I’ll actually do it. Probably not. It’s still nice to picture though.

3) I will tell my IB Coordinator that while she often put the fear of God into me, I love her to death and she will always be another Momma for me.

4) I will visit all the parts of my school I’ve never seen before.

5) I am probably not going to miss many people from my school, but before I leave I will try notify all those I do that I will.

6) I am going to finally turn in a textbook I’ve had since Junior year. It was lent to me by a teacher after school one day and since they never marked it down, no one technically knows I am the one who has the missing textbook.

7) I want to sit against a particular wall and say a proper goodbye to it. That spot has been with me through thick and thin.

8) I’d like to finally confess to someone that I was the one who brought a squirrel, a bird, and a box of ants into the school and set them loose.

9) I know I will not cry when graduation is over nor when I hug those that I was closest to. However, I will definitely feel sad and happy.

10) I will write down quotes on cards and hand them out to people at graduation. Each will be specific to the person I give them to,

And finally.

11) I desperately want to have a final serious conversation with one person at my school before we all graduate and never see each other again. To that person, I want/need/will say:

“Life is a never ending teenage party. At times, you’ll be that person standing by the corner keeping the potted plant company and at times you’ll be in the center with all attention on you. There will be moments where you’re duped into going in a bedroom with someone you thought you trusted. You will make mistakes after mistakes and half  of them will involve someone walking in on you and then closing the door awkwardly. Sometimes you’ll even continue your mistakes. But, just as much as you walk into those rooms, you’ll climb out a window and sit on the roof to gaze at the stars.

There will be times where life reminds you of how beautiful the world  is and there will definitely be times where you’re shoved facedown into the ground and danced all over on. There’ll be countless days where you’re bent over a toilet, heaving your guts. But, you need to remember that not all of those times you’ll be alone.  There’ll be moments where you slide down the banisters or use a mattress as a skateboard down the stairs. And while there will be times of your feet getting stepped on when you dance, you will eventually learn to laugh at your bruised toes.

Yes, life is not easy and it is not perfect. It can be loud and annoying and it can bring as much pain and suffering as it brings excitement and joy. Life does not promise a happily ever after, but it does promise a good beginning, middle, and end. It doesn’t take much effort to grab a drink and drown your regrets. It’s incredibly hard to face your problems and choose a soda instead. However, whatever you choose, life will not hold it against you.

Life is a teenage party.

And it will go on and on and on.

The only thing I truly hope you realize, is that while the party never stops, it can’t continue without you. So please, please, please don’t walk out on it.


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  1. “I’d like to finally confess to someone that I was the one who brought a squirrel, a bird, and a box of ants into the school and set them loose.”

    I’d like more details here, please.

    • As would I! How on earth did you managed to get hold of a squirrel and a bird?

    • Well, I might as well confess to you.

      The first instance involved the squirrel. Over the weekend, my brother had to go to school to attend some meeting and so my friend and I went with him. Turns out though, we couldn’t go into the meeting since we weren’t a part of it.

      As a way to rebel and ‘strike back’, we set loose my pet squirrel inside the school. It pooped everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And then we lost it for awhile.

      And for the bird and ants….

      The ants were my way of freaking someone out, but the box kinda opened a bit too early and well, a horde of ants where set loose in the cafeteria. LOL. And the bird was me just bringing in a bird. Actually, it followed me. So it wasn’t really my fault.

      Anyways, the bird had to be caught, the squirrel was eventually found, and the ants made it to heaven – THE CAFETERIA. (There are reasons I don’t buy lunch at school)

  2. I adore this list of things. I graduate next year, and there are a few things I’d like to do as well, but I’ll talk about them when the time comes. I’m so happy you made it through, and can say that you graduated. I’m glad that you have a plan of attack, sort of speak. It always helps.
    Also, tell that wall that I’m glad you had it as a place to go to. There are a few walls I’m going to miss, but…there are several more than I never will.

    • You better. I’ll be waiting to hear them!

      And thanks so much lol. I’m so happy I made it too. There were times where I was like T__T done! but yeah, I MADE IT THOUGH. Technically next week I’ll be an official graduate but still.

      And now I kind of want to hear about the walls you aren’t going to miss… o_O?

  3. Awwww your senior bucket list sounds like way more fun than my fictional one D: But no worries, when I make mine next spring-ish, I’ll just steal some of yours…

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