Silver tongue

Guys…guys…guys…another one!

Let’s call this my recommendation for today. Hit up her blog and wait for more. Because talent always continues to flow.


A tongue of silver
Glides along the white sea
A god
A creator of chaos and harmony
Of all harm that can come to man
This tongue is by far the worst.
We can run but we can’t hide
From this silver tongue.
Lay your shrine
On the bed of peace
In a world of discomfort
Merely masked by smiles and sorry’s
For when the blood of black and blue flows
There will be no shield
We are naked against this enemy,
But this enemy hides in plain sight.
What is it? Why? We ask..
It is the pen I hold, the pen you hold
This silver tongue tastes damage
And craves it more.
We feed it.
Always wondering why we hurt,
But never why we hurt.

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