Kuroshitsuji Musical 2 (The Most Beautiful Death In The World)

The feels. The feels.

This musical is very (and I mean VERY) emotional. Like, the “I am wrecked for the rest of the day” kind of emotional. But, in a great way. The feels are worth watching.

In this musical, we are introduced to new characters that don’t make any appearance in any of the other divisions of Black Butler (manga, anime, movie): Eric and Alan. And more importantly than introducing us to new characters, we are made to half-way like/half-way understand/half-way scream “WHY, DAMNIT?!!? WHY?!” while we’re watching them. It’s comparable to placing a fettuccini alfredo in front of me, then snatching it away in the cruelest of ways. (Is that just me?)

And, this also is a help to readers and writers of Black Butler fanfiction. who’ve never seen the musical before. By the end, you now know/understand the Eric and Alan thing. And now you know why these characters make appearances in the works of people who have seen the musical (Did that ever confuse anyone? It did for me at first) . And also why everyone pairs these guys together. This musical is their story.


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