Kuroshitsuji Musical 1 (That Butler, Friendship)

The first of the Black Butler Musicals. Obviously, it is subbed as to listen to it in English would not only be a disgrace (the jokes would never make sense – especially since some are hard to get already), but it’s a musical that was only performed in Japan. Like anyone would perform it here in the U.S. Psshh. We’re all stuck on boring stuff here. (Well, not completely boring…)

Anyways, to all fans of Black Butler, who haven’t seen the musicals, WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW. It’s super funny and emotional. I really love the singing, especially the very last song. That was my absolute favorite. There are more good ones as well though.

As for the actors, while I feel like they could’ve cast an actor, who could sing in a deeper tone, for Sebastian (I think Ciel at one point went lower than him), he was still my favorite along with Lau, The Undertaker, and Grell. As for the funniest, I think Abberline was definitely on my radar.

Get to watching people!


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