Black Butler Movie Trailer (Subbed)

Still waiting for the movie sub since it’s already been out in Japan for a while now. And once I see this movie, I will totally review the hell out of it.

As a very loyal Kuroshitsuji fan, I must see this movie. MUST. SEE. And so I will see eventually. But, being said loyal fan, there are already some things I see that kind of irritate me a bit. While I’m glad they made it into a live action film, there are many disappointments here as well. The movie trailer both makes me want to see it and not want to. I seriously hope they didn’t destroy the series. But, from the plot and several discrepancies there will definitely be a few things I will wish they hadn’t done. The first being, making Ciel a girl. WTF. He’s a boy. But, only when I see the movie will I truly decide if that was a bad or good thing.

Furthermore, I will be posting up here youtube vids of the Kuroshitsuji Musicals so that everyone can enjoy them. I, personally, loved them. Absolutely loved them. Do I have a favorite? Yes, yes I do. But, I’m not saying.

And as an extra little note, probably irrelevant, out of all the parts of the Black Butler franchise (Kuroshitsuji), I still love the manga the most. There are many people who’ve only seen the anime, only the musicals, etc etc. To those, I suggest reading the manga. The Kuroshitsuji manga is honestly the best out of all there is to offer on Black Butler.


Because it is the actual story. The rest are all branches of the manga, adaptions from the manga or anime, and so on. Even the movie looks to be far off (like the second season of the anime) in that the setting appears to be in the current time when in actuality, the setting is during the time of Queen Elizabeth, Jack The Ripper, etc. etc.

I still like everything involving Black Butler though. I just happen to love the manga. (Get me?)


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  1. I totally agree that people should read the manga. Once I read it, I was like fangirling EVERYWHERE. Nosebleeds and everything. The manga is the real story, from the mind of Yana Toboso, who is the creator of it. SO, read the manga if ya haven’t. It’s pretty simple…lol

  2. Hi there! I just recently learned about Black Butler after seeing two people cosplaying Sebastian and Ciel at Nebraskon this year. I’m really intrigued by the whole concept of the characters and the story. And I’m really tempted to get the first volume of the manga series. I know you’ll probably say yes anyway, but should I do it? (I’ve hardly read any manga-never been much of a comic book reader to begin with-but this, out of everything else, looks promising)

    • I would say yes, most definitely get it. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll likely love it, at the base minimum just like it. It’s consistent plot-wise and action wise. Just be prepared, that if you enjoy it, you’ll likely want to buy the rest of the series… it’s currently got 18 volumes (English version-wise) so that’s a lot of $$$…

      What kind of genres are you interested in? There might be other stuff I can recommend you..

      • Thanks! I think I’ll go ahead and get the first volume.

        As for other genres, I mainly like action/adventure with a good dose of humor. Not to mention well-developed characters and a good story. Solid characters and a solid story are a biggie for me in any area of fiction.

        • Good! Tell me how it goes 😀

          How about Blue Exorcist then?

          1/2 Prince is also pretty good actually, however it starts to get a bit choppy and fast paced around chapter 60-70.. it is very funny though and plenty action!

          If you don’t mind romance, there is also Akatsuki no Yona.

          • Thanks! Blue Exorcist looks cool, I’ll have to check it out!

            My sister found a site with all the chapters of Black Butler. I’ve been enjoying it so far while waiting for the 1st volume to come 🙂 (I’d get the first two, but I’m a poor college student, lol)

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