Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Chapter 93

Warning: This will definitely spoil this chapter for everyone who hasn’t read it. This is my reaction to the newly released chapter of Black Butler, which totally has me impatiently waiting for next month’s release. OHMYGODWHYCAN’TITBEJUNEALREADY?????????!!!

Also, I got my yearbook today! Yay!


Chapter 93



Right off the bat, I’m glued to my phone screen. Stuck like gum. I was in my Spanish class, early this morning, when I felt my desk vibrate – well, my phone caused the desk to have vibrations. I glance over and then shake my head. Most likely someone texting me. I decided to finish my work and then check

I do so.Then when I finish, that’s when I notice that my notification light is blinking purple. It only blinks purple when a new manga chapter has been automatically downloaded to my phone. Of course, it was Black Butler!

This shot above is the beginning of the new chapter – the first page. Yeah, VERY INTERESTING. Following what has happened so far, I’m sure all of us fans are desperate to figure out who was with Ciel and accompanied him in his captivity. We all want to know who Finny is symbolizing. Unfortunately, that is still not revealed in this chapter. Sigh.

But, we are given another glimpse of how far the relationship between Ciel and Sebastian has broken. Sebastian, remains upright, standing tall, powerful, and confident. Like every dashing demon should. Ciel, on the other hand, is doing the opposite. Our proud earl, where once having stood alongside to his butler, is on the ground in mental torment and anguish as he is still stuck in his past. Yes, everyone. Ciel is still rejecting Sebastian as his butler, still is blind, and rejects all adults.

My question: How long is the guy going to stay stuck like this?

I get he’s reliving a traumatic experience in his head (after being exposed to the werewolf in chapter 89). But, prior to this, he’d been pretty okay. Intelligent, ruthless, and full of cunning. All of which amazes us since he’s only a child. Now, he’s behaving exactly like the child, he strives not to be.

Then again, maybe this is a result of having held in everything after contracting Sebastian. Maybe the werewolf released everything he had been trying to hide. He is only thirteen after all.




And while Ciel is still being traumatized Ciel, we are given a glimpse of what’s happening back in England. The Queen had received samples from the forest and the Double Charles team have just prepared the results for her. With this, all sent by Ciel (well, more like Sebastian really), the Queen learns of what’s in the plants and is then horrified of what she learns. She is shocked. Of course, we don’t know what it is yet, but we know it’s important.

Important enough that she calls for John (I like him more than the Double Charles), who responds with the Albert puppet, succeeding in comforting her a bit.




I like these panels a whole freaking lot because they add the comic relief Yana Toboso never fails to give. It always makes reading her chapters so much more enjoyable.

I confess that I laughed at this part. It might not even be all that funny but the continued Albert bit throughout the whole series (however rare they make an appearance) has made me grow very fond of the Queen and John. They have a very good relationship and I’m jealous.

I also am still questioning why John is always seen with covered eyes. I want to see his eyes. Will we ever get to see his eyes? Like fully see them?





And then we cut back to Ciel and his group and how he’s doing. The following page though, is when we see what’s going on his head. But it’s not his memories like in the previous chapters. No. Today we see his present state of mind.


Screenshot_2014-05-20-15-09-59              Screenshot_2014-05-20-15-10-20


Ciel is caught in between too moves. He can either return back to ‘normal’ and let go of his fear or he can stay how he is forever. And the maddening point of this chapter is that Ciel doesn’t know what he wants. He’s not entirely sure, meaning it could go both ways. Now, if Ciel did happen to choose to stay stuck forever in his scared pitiful state, then the whole series is kind of over since we’d lose our “watchdog”. There’d be no more point since Ciel would give up on his revenge. And following that, does Sebastian still get to devour his soul? I say yes. If Ciel breaks his part of the bargain, Sebastian can then break his. Goodbye, Ciel.

If Ciel, instead chooses to snap out of it, the more likely thing to happen, we can finally find out everything about the werewolves AND maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to see Diedrich. I really want to see him. To quote Vincent Phantomhive, “A German dog.” I want to see the German dog!



And then we later get to see this girl which I just can’t seem to like at all being verbally attacked by the villagers. She gives in and tells them that she will get rid of Ciel and others. Well, could’ve seen that one coming. Honestly, for some reason, my mind has created this elaborate scheme in which she used the werewolves and they’re effects to bring outsiders in so that she could learn from them.

Or maybe Wolfram is just a jack-ass who likes hurting people. I’m not so sure anymore. BUT I WANT TO KNOW.




Ooooooooooh, what is he going to do??!

And more importantly, did he just steal that from Sebastian? Like WTF. It’s not as cool when you say it Wolfram. Stop it. I said stop it!




This is here because obviously, Sebastian is sexy as hell. Such a bad ass. Also, Yana Tobos is my absolute number one artist. There are many tying for second and so on, but for first? Yana Toboso is a definite. Just look at that (above). Look at below. Look in every chapter. Her art style is so refined and perfect. There are not much mangakas that can draw like this. At least, not from what I’ve seen.

It could be just due to me being a picky art person. I’m very picky when it comes to the art…




And this of course. is just as equally aggravating as the Queen scene. What did Sebastian find out???? Tell me. Tell me now.

I seriously can not wait for the next chapter. There are just way too many cliffhangers here. I need the next chapter.


Screenshot_2014-05-20-15-11-54               Screenshot_2014-05-20-15-11-59


And then there’s more comedic relief. YES.

Was I the only one with the initial slightly pervy thoughts? I mean…it looks pretty suggestive to me…

And then finally we have the ENDING page to the chapter. The ultimate cliffhanger. The reason why we keep reading this series!




It’s John! And he’s made it to the Werewolf Forest with a message from the queen:

Questions A Group

How’d he make it through alive? And completely unaffected. Did he just miss all the werewolves? They don’t only come out at night, They’ve made an appearance in the daylight. Is John some kind of supernatural being? It would explain a lot.

Questions B Group

WHAT DOES THE LETTER SAY??????? Well we know it’s about eliminating the werewolves. That, we are given. But why? What was so important that she found out? In the past, she was not at all bothered by the ‘basically zombies’ soul-less reanimated people walking around. She even made the suggestion to John that it’d be very wonderful if she had them on her side – if she could control them. Why isn’t she doing the same here? Are the werewolves that much worse?

With the Zombies, they could travel anywhere and were hell-bent on biting/killing people to get to their soul like fools. The Undertaker is still out there with them too. They can reappear at any time. The Werewolves, on the other hand, remain in this one forest and are only dangerous if you happen to come across one. Which apparently isn’t that often since John has easily made it through. What makes the werewolves so much worse?

This is going to bother me for days.

Chapter 94, come already!



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  1. Sister, I am soooo with you on all of this, now that I FINALLY read the chapter.

  2. I can’t read this post because I haven’t read the manga, ohmygodI’mdyingit’stortuuuuuure!
    I literally scrolled to the bottom of the page.

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