Go through the playlist first. Kat Perkins, then Christina Grimmie, and finally Kristen Merlin. After, watch the last video and then go on below.

No. No. No. No. No. No.

The results – this has me mad. I absolutely do NOT think that Christina should have been saved. I, personally, was rooting for Kristen, though even Kat would have been fine as I believe they are both very very very talented and deserved to have been saved.

But Grimmie??


She did not deserve it. I am not happy that she was saved.

Sorry to all Grimmie fans everywhere.

Actually, wait. I’m not sorry. Totally not sorry.

Yeah, she can sing. She wouldn’t have made it that far had she not been able to. But her save wasn’t really all due to her singing capability. That is what pisses me off so much.

Prior to The Voice, she had already built up a mass amount of fans and followers with her singing on Youtube, etc etc. meaning she came into the competition with a steady MOUNTAIN of people who’d vote for her already. When compared to someone coming in with already such a high advantage, it’s very hard for the other musicians to be able to be saved by a mass twitter vote… Understand my frustration?

And besides all that, I’m just plain tired of all the pop/etc. same-sounding music artists all the time. Why not a different style and vibrato for once? It’s like America keeps wanting the same o’l shit instead of some new shit. (Haha.)

Both Kat and Kristen would have provided a uniqueness to the music industry.

Unfortunately, it’s upcoming teen popstar Grimmie who moves on.


God, I want to punch her in the face

God, I want to punch her in the face


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