My Biology Teacher

So I’ve previously mentioned how awesome my teachers are, specifically my Biology teacher, somewhere on this blog or in a comment or something. And so I’m going to now show y’all exactly how awesome my Biology teacher is. I’ve still yet to take pictures of the classroom, but I’ve got this video.

This was taken right before we had to line up for our IB Biology exam. As it’s been a while since the exam, I can freely talk about it now without fear of being kicked out of IB and ruining my reputation forever. That kind of cheating can ruin your life. Seriously. So anyways, here we all are freaking out like crazy, obviously thinking we’re going to fail. (I’m still not sure how I did – I’m praying for a 4. Please, just a 4 would be nice.) And so, realizing how freaked we all are, my Bio teacher starts up a youtube video on the smart board on this dance thing. He tells us to loosen up and relax: start dancing.

We go, “No. Noooo…we need to study.”

His response, “Last minute cramming won’t do you all much good. Relaxing before your panic wipes everything from your memory will though.”

Us, “You do it!”

And he goes, “FINE. I WILL.”

And so he does. And we all die laughing. For some reason though, I’m the only one who decided to whip my phone out and record it! Like WTF, this stuff is GOLD! (In the last bit, you can tell he caught me. Bahaha.)

But yeah, anyways, this is my IB BIO HL teacher, LOVE HIM. He’s so adorkable. All the time.


*Note: This video is set as unlisted on YouTube (the only way I could get it on here), meaning that I don’t want it to be seen by EVERY human in the world. However, it can be seen to those who have the link to it. That means don’t really share this with too many people, all right? 😀 



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  1. Lol, he got ya! That was great man.

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