REVIEW!: Visits To Jerico’s Clinic

Visits to Jerico’s Clinic

While seemingly an innocent film about a cat doctor and his patients, Visits to Jerico’s Clinic, documents the sinister events that occur within the walls of an old clinic listed to be demolished.

The drastic turn of events from occasional visits by children with their mothers, led hand in hand, to suspicious looking individuals creeping in the doors at night, are not only shocking, but terrifying as well. More so for those who choose to sympathize with the kitten doctor.

At the start of the movie, it is clear that we are to connect with Jerico as he struggles to keep his clinic open long enough for him to be able to make a profit large enough to relocate.

It tears the heart to know that his beloved clinic must be destroyed and that he will lose all his supporting patients he has come to know for so long. As with each last check-up he makes, there are tears in his eyes as well as ours.


These only occur throughout the day.

Following various patients’ interviews, we are given an insight to Jerico’s nightly visits. We see disguised individuals make their way into the clinic only to eventually come to realize just what kind of individuals visit Doctor Jerico.

That’s right.

Vampires. Werewolves. Witches. Demons. Even Superheros. Villains as well.

A definite must see.



So I am finally putting up last week’s Creative Writing Club prompt which was to either ‘review’ a make-believe movie (your own movie) or make-believe book (your own book). This was mine and well, for 15 minutes of trying to come up with something, I think it went pretty well.

BTW, I totally want to see this movie. 


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  1. This is also made out of awesome. You write good stuff!

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