The Liebster Award III

So thanks to poohloversunite for nominating me for this. I just can’t deny these awards. They boost my self-esteem and stuff.

I can’t think up of 11 facts on the spot so I’ll have to take a raincheck on that…sorry-I’m-not-sorry.

Onto the questions!


The Questions

1) What is your favorite flavor toothpaste?

There are flavors? I thought there were just brands.. I use colgate, I think. I don’t bother to read the box. I just grab the tube and squeeze.


2) Are you scared of planes/heights/flying?

Nope. I relish rollercoasters so I was afraid that’d be very bad for me.


3) How many cups of water do you drink and WHY AREN’T YOU DRINKING MORE (don’t worry, I am also victim of the I’mateenagerandIdon’tneedwaterduh plague)??

Can we measure in drops instead? I don’t drink a lot. At all. I drink soda which everyone says is not healthy. Every morning I come in with a sugary drink. Several sugary drinks.


4) What was your favorite children’s show when you were, you know, a kid and stuff?

Does Law and Order count? Um…Avatar the Last Airbender? (None of the new crap now). Quantum Leap too I guess, if anyone even remembers that show.


5) About what age did you lose your first tooth (by either natural or unnatural means)?

I don’t remember. I do remember that it was by unnatural means and that my mother basically pulled a Tom Sawyer’s Aunt move on me.


6) What is your most favorite book (you can ONLY PICK ONE and you CANNOT say ‘I don’t know’. That is an inexcusable answer)?

I think I’ll go with The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King. I have many favorites though.


7) What is your most favorite pie (again, you can only pick one and I DON’T KNOW ISN’T AN ANSWER)?

Apple and Pumpkin. I think Pumpkin is a tad bit more…


8) Have you ever tried to fly away in a cardboard box?

Does a recycling bin count?


9) What is your favorite color?

Black. Plain black.


10) What is your LUCKY color (and no, it can’t be the same color as your favorite color…there’s a difference)?

White then?


The Nominees

I’m going against the norm and nominating who I want because I want to know their responses, eventually. So here goes:

1) Matt Black (the link is to his new and latest post, give him a medal people!)

2) Wolfeh-Chan (And you must make a post in answer of these questions, so I can like it)

3) Anyone else. And I mean it. Do it and then link back here so I can learn more things about you and can later stalk befriend you in the future. You can do it too, pooh!


The Questions (I mixed deep and non-deep questions in here, because I want to get y’all thinking)

1) Pens or Pencils?

2) For those who have more than 100 posts, go back to your 100th post and read it then talk about it and share it. For those who haven’t reached that milestone, what would you like your 100th post to be?

3) These are two favorite quotes of mine: “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees” and “In the end they have laid their freedom at our feet and said to us ‘Make us your slaves, but feed us'”. Which do you agree/respond to more?

4) Lefty or Righty or Both?

5) The recent case concerning the dog who mauled the little boy, quite possibly scarring him forever, ended with the dog receiving a lifetime behind bars instead of being put down, etc etc. At court, the room was full of advocates for the dog and barely any for the child. Do you think this was the right decision?

6) If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

7) Fried or grilled chicken?

8) You are given 100 dollars and told to double the amount in one week. What would you do?

9) “It is human nature to hate the man you have hurt”. Agree or disagree?

10) If you could have the talent of dancing or singing, which would you choose and why?


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  1. Oh lord….not this again….alright, fine.

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