TED Talk Favorite #1

I’m a fan of TED talks since about Sophomore year. But, starting this year, I’m really big fan of TED talks. This is because of my TOK class. Just this past week we all had to do our own mini TED talks to the class and so far I’ve enjoyed all the wonderful presentations my classmates have done, ranging from Dyslexia to the Evolution of Basketball to The Importance of Education in Pakistan and yes to even my own: Criminal Profiling.

Of the TED talks I’ve watched so far, I have a number of favorites that I’d like to share, the first being this one by Sara Kay. I think it’s absolutely beautiful and a definite must watch. Yes, TED talks are educational and blah blah blah and probably not interesting at all to many, but there is much to be learned in them. It’s not just to teach information. It’s not like school. TED talks are about inspiring, emotional, captivating, and their mission is to get people to open their eyes to the things around them and how amazing life is. So yeah, while it may seem like something you’d never do in a million years – educate yourself outside of school – still, do it.

And that is why, since I will be posting my favorite ones on here from time to time, I have chosen to post this one first because out of all them, Sara Kay starts with one of the most powerful introductions I’ve ever stumbled across. It hooks you right away. And I want everyone to get hooked right away. Give a TED talk a shot.


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