But What Is A?

To start things off, I have not found my flash drive. So that is one of the big things for my lack of motivation for writing anything. The other bigger thing is coming up, sometime soon.

But the picture of Dmitri has not been drawn yet, but it will be! When it gets put up, y’all should send me pictures of flowers. That would make me feel better. And more importantly, I can show them to all my non-existant friends and brag about how much I’m virtually loved. Seriously.

Anyways besides that, I’ve got more things to talk about, because I’m so going to be disappearing for the next two-to-maybe-three weeks. I will have vanished, disappeared, done a Where’s Waldo moment. And not because I want to, but because I have to. If I want to go to college. And succeed in life. And become a mature adult. And make money. And responsible stuff, I suppose. I mean, I could blow it completely off, but I fear spending an eternity in my parents’ home – if they don’t kick me out first. Hehe.

So with that ever present in my mind, I shall hide from the internet starting monday. Feel free to look for me though. And if you happen to come across me (don’t hug me) stick out your hand, ball your hand into a fist, and we shall fist bump! Then give me a Dr. Pepper.

Now on to the rest of this post (including more explanation of why I have to perform a magic act).

First, I’d like to say my spirits have temporarily been uplifted because while looking at Matt’s blog, I noticed his blogroll…and I’m listed on it! As his stalker.


I would totally put that on my CV. (As a side note, it’d totally make me feel even better if he’d just give me his address)

And second, I did a presentation on Criminal Profiling today in my TOK class. I think I did great! I actually managed to speak without note cards or any prompts and such for like 10 minutes. Just me and my pictures. Now if I could do that in my other classes.

And finally, why I’m disappearing!

Actually, for every person in IB, it’s no surprise why I’m disappearing as exams begin next week – internationally. It does provide some comfort that somewhere in Africa, Laos, Australia, etc. there are teens suffering what I’m suffering and confining themselves to their rooms and studying for their exams. The anxiety is at such a high level that this morning when my classmate dropped a book, I dove under the desk.

My nerves are shot.

And the only exam that I’m happy for and confident in is my math exams/papers. For my other exams, I’m finished. Especially in English:

“Plays employ various kinds of structural divisions such as prologues and epilogues, act and scene divisions, and even carefully place intermissions. In at least two plays in your study, discuss how some of these divisions have been used to underscore or complement the materials of the play”

Answer that in two hours…ACK. Immediate death. K.O. I hate writing essays on things I don’t understand, but apparently should have by now. And now I’ve got to write timed essays.

So essentially as I’m in the following testing IB classes:


History II

Math Studies

Biology II



the following weeks will be full of intense studying and crying and praying, not necessarily in that order.

But as much as I’m worrying for my own exams, I can’t help but be relieved that I’m not in the shoes of some of my fellow classmates who for the life of them aren’t able to remember the basics of our classes.

Here’s what happened in math a few days ago:

Miko: Do you remember how to switch to standard mode form the intercept form? I’m suddenly blanking.

K: ….No…ASK.

Miko: Nah, I’ll just figure it out later.

K: (raises hand) How do we change into standard form?

Teacher: Intercept? You move a here and b here and y here, But remember there can be no decimals and a can’t be negative either.

B: But that’s not…

Teacher: It’s easy. See this is where m goes..

K: Wait, what???

Miko: Oh….Ok

B: No, that’s not what we’re asking!

Teacher: What’s the problem? I don’t see the problem. This is how you do it. Easy.

K: No! That’s not..

Teacher: You move a here and b here..



And so we’ll se how our exams go! Wish me luck guys! I shall need it… And wish luck to all those souls across the world in the same boat as I am. (We’re all taking it basically the same time…ALL OF US).


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  1. My blogroll is reserved for only the very best.

    And don’t disappear! Or at least, don’t spend all your time in your room studying. Soon you’ll find it hard to concentrate and the lack of vitamin D will turn you into a vampire. A vampire! Of course, being a vampire isn’t nearly as bad as some people make it out to be, but still. Being human is better.

    (Also, you seem to have a very unhelpful math teacher. Just like mine.)

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