Well Then… This Sucks

So having been fully confident that my flash drive was somewhere lost in the creative writing club room (aka English Room), I didn’t worry as much as I should have yesterday.

Well now, after having visited the classroom in the morning and finding no trace of my flash drive, I am very very very worried and very glum. I feel sad.

I don’t like feeling sad.

Worse, as said before, it was my writing flash drive so….all that is lost. On the bright side though, I have pretty much everything posted somewhere on the internet (I need to keep track of the sites I’m on) and the things that aren’t on the internet are fortunately not that important, so I’m good. I haven’t ‘lost’ my writing for good. But, on the dark side, all new updates are now officially being classified as MIA.

If by tomorrow I have not found the butt to my giraffe flash drive (because it could still be somewhere in this school and hopefully a good samaritan will bring it to the lost-and-found or it’s hiding somewhere in my friend’s car – we ate at Chik-fil-a on the way home from club), then I will draw a picture of it, take it to the garden we have, cover the picture with a napkin, and place a big rock on it. I will then, in chalk, scratch:


on it. I’ll even rip one of my mother’s flowers up, roots and all, and place it on top of it. Pictures will be taken of course and we will all mourn for the fallen Dimitri.

Okay everyone?


But back to the updates.

I now have to re-write all the new chapters that I had been neglecting to post because I wanted to post them on the 25th (I have a bet going on with someone), which, at the moment is so fucking retarded ironic since the 25th is tomorrow! Whee.

When I will decide to re-write them is now in the air, because I’m so disappointed right now. Think of a ballom full of helium. Now think of someone stabbing it with a pin.

A slow slow slow deflation.

That kind of sinking disappointed feeling.

My motivation is pretty low right now…




My Summary of Everything


Life goes *bitch slap* “LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.”

I go “you dirty bastard!!!”

Dimitri screams “FIND ME!!!”

Everyone else rages, “WHEN DA F*CK ARE YOU UPDATING?!”

My dog pees on the floor again. “LMFAO.”

I say. “Done.”



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  1. Dude, this whole thing that’s happening with you sucks…for real…
    I hate to loose crap that I’ve written, even if it wasn’t all that great.
    I hope you find Dimitri (awesome name btw) and I hope that he’s still in one piece.

  2. Any luck with this yet? (I mean, I assume you would have posted in joy if you’d found it, which hasn’t happened, but I still thought I’d ask.) This is the most horrific scenario I can imagine. BTW, I recommend backing up your writing on Google Drive, which is free and accessible from anywhere.

    • Nope, very depressingly, I’ve had no luck. And considering how big my school is, my flash drive is so gone for good. When I wrote this, I was still kind of hoping I’d find it…but it’s just not going to happen and it feels terrible. It’s so…I just don’t know how to describe it.

      And yeah, I now have a google drive account and am slowly uploading everything onto there. I should’ve done that to begin with *sigh*

  3. …Well that sounds terrible….but at least it’s not the 25th anymore? 😀

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