I Am Awesome

So lately I’ve been following a spanish soap opera and well, my gay senses are strong.

From the very beginning, I shipped two actors together – two male actors. In my head, I could see the two together and I felt that the novela was implying that these two would be one of the side-relationships (relationship besides the main relationship the whole thing is about).

I very eagerly told my family “He’s gay. He’s so gay…and he soooo has a crush on _____ who in my opinion is as fruity as a gay man could get!”

And everyone was like “Are you stupid??? No! He has a crush on the guy’s sister! That’s why he keeps coming by!”

And I kept arguing, “No!!! The sister’s not even there! He’s not paying attention to the girl!! He keeps looking for the guy! He wants to take art lessons from the guy! He likes the guy!!”

They respond with, “He’s getting close to the guy so he can get close to his younger sister!!! Why does everything have to be guy on guy relationships with you?!”

And I very visciously informed them that my gay fixation in almost everything is not the point and that “I can sense the gay relationship!!”

And they just kept denying it. And I could see why they denied it because at first it really did look like he was after the younger sister (I was crossing my fingers for the M/M shipping though), but a few more episodes in, it was blaringly obvious that he was crushing hard on the guy and not his sister.

And then, finally their eyes were opened.

In the episode where he finally gets his art lesson, he’s seen basically dreamily staring at the guy explaining the history of art, blah, blah, blah. The music even empasizes that! And then the spoiled rich brat finally notices the intensity of the stare, fumbles over his words, turns a bit red, and then says “Are you paying attention or what???”

Anyways, at that point, everyone starts coming around.

And finally there comes the scene where the guy with the crush is invited by a friend to go to her brother’s concert (she has a major crush on him) and he’s like “No thanks.”

And then she whines, “but everyone’s going! Even my cousins are going!”

And he immediately perks up, “Everyone? All your cousins?”

“Yeah! All of them!”

“Including (guy name)…?”


“You know what? I’ll come too!! Just give me a little bit to change and yeah, yeah, yeah I’m going!!”

See? See my point???

So yeah, everyone agrees now. But I was first. So there. I am awesome.

Note: My tales from my trip will eventually be posted but it’s like super huge so….bear with me. I only have so big of an attention span to work on it. I blame tv links.


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  1. XD, I know what you mean. In watching the Hobbit pt 2, I figured something out loooong before my father did, and I was right!!! I felt like a freaking genius!!

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