Remember The Starwhale

Before I post about my tales in Europe (I’m back everyone! Not that much cared, but still I’m back!), I want to do a quick post on what my brother told me an hour ago…

Okay so while conversing about this necklace I got him, he turns to me, all serious-like and calm face, and says “I changed it. Miko (insert real name here), I changed it.”

I immediately go, “What?? What! What did you change?? What????”

And his response, “LOL. I changed my username in LOL.”

And I gasped. Loudly.

“How could you?!”

“I had to.”


“There was something much better.”


“The Starwhale.”


And then he starts laughing and goes into explanation about an episode of Doctor Who where there’s this starwhale who gets tortured by people because it can’t stand the sound of children crying…or at least that’s what I understood. Anyways, I was just…no.

See, previously, his username was……TheLegendaryMiko! Has anyone ever played him??? 😀

Obviously, I suggested the name and forced him to pay to change his old name to that.

I leave for 10 days and come back to The Starwhale.


No. No. No.

And now, at random moments he screams, “Remember the Starwhale!!” He thinks it’s a riot.

I can only face-palm.


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  1. XD! Your brother sounds like buckets of fun…(not) XD.

    Oh, oh, oh!

    How was your trip?!

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