The Versatile Blog Award

So I was nominated for this by Blaze from Blaze’s Blog and as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I really enjoy these things because it opens up more possibilities of sharing things about myself. It’s far easier than trying to be creative myself. So thanks to Blaze!

The Rules:

1. Post the award nomination on your blog, thanking the person who nominated you. Include the link to their blog on the post.

2. Include 7 interesting random facts about yourself.

3. Nominate 7 to 15 bloggers you feel are worthy of this award.

4. Notify your nominees individually.

5. Display the award on your blog.


7 Interesting Facts About Myself (Or At Least What I Think Is Interesting)

1. I like being alone. Granted not all the time, but when I don’t get enough alone time, I start feeling a little anxious and over run. It’s    not that I don’t like people (well, actually sometimes I really don’t like people), but that I believe everyone should have at least some minuscule amount of alone time. A mini-me moment is what I call it. A time where you can just not care about anything else and you focus only on yourself. Everyone needs that. Because if you don’t care about yourself, then who will? Sure there might be a few here and there that do, but sometimes wanting to and being able to can’t go together. As as depressing as that is, we need to be able to take care of ourselves in those moments. So yes, I am an individual who does like to be alone. Not 24/7 but a good healthy amount.

2. I used to play soccer quite a bit. Once though, I ended up passing out on the field and had to be carried off by a firefighter and later rode in an ambulance to the hospital. Basically, I dehydrated badly. Very bad. At least that’s what the doctor told me. It had been a very hot day and it was the end of the season so all day we were playing match against match to try to be the best team in the county (“Championships”). I was really really young and since I had been sweating all day, running back and forth, I finally, after our second game, asked if I could have something to drink. Naturally, I did not want water. I wanted something that tasted good. So my mom gave me her coke. I finished and asked for another. So she gave me another. Then I went back to playing. And that was it, for the whole day. I vehemently refused to be called off the field and kept running and running, without drinking another drop of liquid. And once knowing this, the doctor pretty much in the nicest way possible told my mom she was a fool for giving me caffeine instead of water or gatorade when I was exercising that much. Lesson learned? Well…

3. Cracks in the ground, like the ones on sidewalks, freak me out. Actually, it’s more of they make me extremely uncomfortable. If I stare at them too long, shivers start running down my back and it feels like ants are crawling up and down my spine. It’s awful. I don’t know why that happens. But for that reason, I can’t stare at my tongue in the mirror. Those line things that are on tongues…ugh…just no.

4. I once had the very embarrassing moment of checking out a guy and thinking he was really good-looking, while waiting for my cousin to come pick me up. As the guy got closer and closer to me, I began to scream on the inside in happiness. Turns out though, he was my cousin. I wanted to slam my head into the pavement.

5. I have ‘weapons’ strategically placed around my room in the bizarre case that I will eventually need them and no matter where I’m standing, sitting, or laying in my room, I’m ready to lay into whatever intruder dares to walk down our hallway. From baseball bats to knives to hammers, they are spread out everywhere. In my pillows, closets, under the bed, desks, bookshelf, everywhere. I know. I know. It’s something I came up with when I was 10 and I just can’t seem to let go of it.

6. I tend to forget sometimes where I hide things. Not the stuff above as I regularly check on those, but other stuff that I decide to hide for the moment but then never get back to. For example, my mother hates violence and so when she found out I had the complete collection of SAW she freaked and demanded I hand it over. I hid it. And then forgot I hid it. Months later, I came across them behind my desk in a crack where it had split in two. I was like WTF. What is wrong with me. Now, I have the huge fear that when I move out for college, I’ll completely miss other hiding spots and my mom will come in to fix the empty place up and somehow find things that I really really really don’t want her to find. Like my Jack Frost books or JTHM or… I’m not going to finish that.

7. I have two bug bites on my arm. And I can’t stop scratching them and now they are huge and swollen. Ew. Just ew.

The Nominees

1. Bejaminsolak

2. Matt Black (this is a sneaky attempt of getting to learn more about the stalkee)

3. And well… I don’t know many more people who haven’t gotten this (hint: I would’ve added you too pooh…) sooo anyone else feel like giving me more info that I can later use against you, go right ahead!


The Picture




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  1. the picture: no
    Me: dies.

  2. Thank you, kind stalker. I hope you don’t mind if I wait until May to write this? (I’ll be blogging every day of the month, so I need a post to fall back on.)

    And I agree with A.R. Wolf; I really love that last section. It actually made me laugh instead of just blowing a large amount of air out of my nose.

  3. I love how you just said no to the picture…way to get ’em
    And NOPE HAVEN’T GOTTEN IT! Well, I actually just got it….but thank you for your wonderful consideration of thought that was directed my way :3
    I also love how everybody calls me pooh…I find it very amusing

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