Current News From Miko

The following is a bunch of things that I feel like sharing about my life at the moment. Why am I sharing? Because it can’t be used against me! And I’m bored so sue me.


Current News From Miko

I’ve now gotten sucked into yet another anime. And I cried twice through a anime movie. Sadly, Angrily, and Bitterly. First, I watched the movie straight after school with a friend. Now, normally I don’t watch too much anime fluff, but out of the options my friend showed me, I picked Summer Wars and boy was I destroyed emotionally with it. It was a really great movie. Very funny and totally drew me – as said previously, I cried. (I also decided to play Words With Friends while through the fighting scenes with the AI and well….lol, I love you Matt, I really do.)

As for the anime, after the movie my friend picked a DVD case and handed it to me, going “How ’bout this?” And I was like “I totally have homework to do, but hells yeah let’s watch! The guy on the cover looks cute anyways.”

So we watched the anime (Black Blood Brothers) and in the very first episode, I heard the main character’s voice and I kept thinking “I have heard this before!” The whole time I was watching it felt like a tiny elf was stabbing me in the ribcage trying to get my attention because deep down I knew that voice. Then the fighting scene on the boat occurred and I heard the most sexy purr from Jiro and I screamed and punched my friend in the stomach. “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! WHERE’S MY PHONE!” And he went, “Don’t tell me…” And I nodded frantically while pulling my phone out and googling the voice actor cast, “Add a British accent and… ” I shoved my phone into his face, “SEBASTIAAAAANNNNNNNNN!!!!!!”

I then proceeded to have a meltdown while squealing my head off. Sebastian as a vampire?! Like WTF, I AM HOOKED. I love this anime and I love J. Michael Tatum. And the sad part of my obsession (or the really cool part) is that I have this tendency to pick out J. Michael Tatum’s voice in any anime I watch. No matter how he changes his voice to fit the actors, my Sebastian senses kick in and I google and yup, Sebastian. It annoys my friends that I can do that.

And speaking of Sebastian, I will finally start to gush on here about season three of Black Butler coming out!!!!!! I’m soooo happy! Extremely. Especially, since the new season will be following the manga and will be on my favorite arc: Noah’s Circus. The new promo vid for it has been launched already and a new OVA will be released along with the season as well. For more information, click here.

I’m also waiting anxiously for the subbed version of the Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) movie, so if anyone has even the tiniest bit of information on that please tell me.

And for more news, I’m going to Europe in I think about two and a half weeks. So I’m pretty pumped for that as well. I plan on hibernating the night before and then not sleeping for the whole plane trip there. I hate the idea of falling asleep on an airplane, so I refuse to do it. No matter where I go, no matter the destination or how comfy the airplane seats are, I’ve never fallen asleep on a plane before. Even when I was little. I simply can’t do it. It’s icky-ish. My reason for this is because if I die (most likely won’t happen), I would like to see how I go. I’m not the type that wants to die in their sleep.

And so knowing all this, last weekend my friends took me to see Non-Stop. Barrel of laughs that was. Whoo hop. I can’t wait to get onto an airplane. At the very least, I now know what to do in case there’s a bomb on board, right? I’m prepared, yes?

Also, I’m now debating whether I should continue with my idea of Louis Peep and the Peep-cine or should I go with Asexual Peepduction? I’m also quite vehemently filled with jealousy as one of my friends told me his diorama is titled “Peeping Tom” and is on the invention of the microscope. So jealous of his brilliance.

And I guess that’s it for now then. Bye my peeps!


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